Telchemy Releases VQmon 5.0 With More Speed and Capability

We first started covering Telchemy in 2001 – as part of a round-up of VoIP development tools in fact. The article is a walk down memory lane and most of the companies are no longer around with the same name.

Telchemy is and it has been great to watch them grow and evolve into new areas of quality monitoring over the decades.

Last year they branched out into IoT with an embedded device analytics solution. The product won an award from TMC as a result – the editors were impressed.

Now the company has released VQmon Release 5.0, the newest version of their real-time embedded VoIP/Video/Data analytics library. VQmon has an installed base of 500 million units integrated into a broad range of networking, telecom and test equipment ranging from IP phones and residential gateways to high capacity core network systems. VQmon performs real-time analysis of Voice over IP, IP Videoconferencing, Video Streaming, IPTV and Data services at rates of up to two million packets per second per core, taking virtually zero CPU to analyze single calls or sessions but scaling to 10Gbits/second and above on a multicore platform.

The new 5.0 release adds up to 30% faster-processing speed and a range of new functionality:

  • VQmon’s intelligent codec type detection has been improved and extended to automatically detect video codec type. This enables accurate analysis of voice, audio and video streams in cases where signaling is encrypted or unavailable.
  • The Voice and Audio codec models have been integrated into a single cohesive model, which enables seamless processing of VoIP calls or Audio sessions regardless of codec type and in-session codec or rate changes.
  • VQmon 5.0 supports an adaptive playout buffer for Videoconferencing that ensures that automatic playout buffer changes resulting from either Video or Audio stream behaviors are synchronized across media type.
  • DTMF analysis enables out-of-band RFC4733/2833 DTMF sequences to be detected and analyzed, which facilitates troubleshooting of access to conferencing and IVR systems.
  • VQmon is now able to detect IoT protocols such as MQTT and CoAP as part of its comprehensive Data analytics functionality.
  • VQmon 5.0 can detect and report if RTP streams are secured (using SRTP) which enables verification that calls are actually secure.

What’s impressive is the broad range of capability of this new release which can analyze from IoT to IPTV. It should be a great addition to any organization looking for a solid quality management and testing solution.

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