Highfive To Make Videoconferencing Ubiquitous

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Highfive is on a mission to make videoconferencing ubiquitous,” said Chris Heinemann, Senior Marketing Director in an exclusive interview.

Chris was as excited as we’ve ever seen him as he went through the opportunity to widely deploy his company’s solutions.


  • According to reports from Frost & Sullivan, huddle room meetings will grow at an exponential rate to represent more than 70% of all video conferencing meeting rooms by the end of 2022. 
  • Wainhouse Research estimates that there are 30-50 millionhuddle rooms.
  • When taking into consideration all the issues remaining with conferencing today, it’s created a huge void. It’s hard to imagine, but more than 80% of meeting rooms still do NOT have video capabilities, and that number rises to 90% when adding small and medium-size huddle rooms into the mix. According to a 2018 survey by Nemertes, 5% of Small Rooms (<5 participants) have video conferencing; 9.5% of Medium Rooms (5-10 participants) have video conferencing; and 20% of Large Rooms (>10 participants) have video conferencing

In other words, the vast majority of conference rooms are not equipped for video thanks to complexity issues.

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“We have removed these obstacles,” Chris exclaimed. “Our solution is subscription-based, has a monthly flat-fee, no hardware to purchase and a huddle room starts at just $199/month.”

The company has a partnership with Dolby, ensuring great sound, they also provide their own hardware and software.

He said, “We provide an exceptional audio and video experience with 4k cameras, virtual whiteboard features.” Continuing, “We are about the experience. Not much has changed in 20 years. People are still dialing in 800 numbers. We are the only AWS WebRTC solution with one-click to join.”

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He explained, this makes it simple and easy.

“We believe a videoconferencing solution should work as easily as any app on a smartphone and the rest of your life,” he exclaimed.

He went on to say it should work the way you expect it to work and they have simplified things.

Anyone can set up a Highfive solution in 15 minutes or less with a 4k camera and DOLBY conference phone. You just need power, HDMI and Ethernet to get things up and running.

He told us 30 million huddle rooms or so need conferencing solutions but it used to be a challenge, thanks to the need to hire A/V integrators and other complexities.

 “We are like the Tesla of video conferencing,” Chris exclaimed.

With a typical car, you have to bring in the car to get a software update. With Tesla, this became automatic. He said, the same thing is true of Highfive.

We are the only company that brings the software into every single meeting room he explained. This makes maintenance and management simple and easy for customers as they send updates via the cloud every two weeks.

“We want customers to focus on their tasks not messing around with hardware and software and things like that,” he excitedly said.

Going forward, expect more contact center integration and a focus on the channel. 

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