My Travel This Week

I visited IP4IT this week and met old friends from Sphere Communications. They told me about me about their new relationship with Ingate systems allowing secure SIP trunking in the enterprise. This is important because dedicated SIP trunks are the future of telecom as they reduce the need for large amounts of proprietary hardware to connect to the phone network. Using Metro Ethernet you can connect directly to your SIP provider. Now you can do this more securely which is great for enterprises looking to bypass the PSTN altogether.

For the record I always have interesting taxi stories when I travel and others have urged me to keep a record of these activities in my blog. A colleague of mine and I ran into the most flirtatious cab driver I have ever seen and she volunteered multiple stories about life as a Las Vegas cabbie. She has been doing this job for 2 years and has established a $20 room rate if you want to use the cab for activities beyond normal transport.

The quote for the day has to be "I thought I had seen everything as an adult until I started driving a cab in Las Vegas."

Later today I am traveling to Kansas City, KS for a live seminar I will be keynoting for Interactive Intelligence and Vonexus. I hope you get a chance to come see me live tomorrow.

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