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I just noticed a mention of this webinar on Tom’s blog. It seems like a great webinar for the reseller community. One of those can’t miss events.

How Reseller CEOs Should Collect, Monitor and Interpret Performance Data to Make Better Decisions

Here’s an abbreviated snippet of the webinar description:

Are you comfortable with the knowledge you have about your reseller business? You’d be the rare leader if you had an accurate and complete handle on all sales, finance, cash flow, profitability, service and resource utilization issues. But to succeed as an IP solutions provider, these are precisely the measurements you need-in easy-to-read and interpret spreadsheets that track your business performance on your PC monitor.

If you effectively track your business data, you’ll uncover root causes of inefficiencies which may include process, people, management, systems, or a combination.

Attend this session to understand the interrelationships and impact of such data as attach rates and profitability, line of credit, cash flow, debt to equity and other finance metrics; the month-to-month cash flow changes for cash in checking, A/R balance, and credit line availability; total sales revenue, service % of sales revenue and other sales metrics; net income, return on sales %, gross margin % and other profitability metrics.

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