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Money/CNN have a great story about Google and their plans for the future. It will be very exciting to see the company get into the TV and magazine markets as the article details. The article also mentions competition from eBay and Yahoo! What intrigues me about this relationship is that eBay has access to so much purchasing data and Yahoo! has so may personal details about it’s customers. If these databases could be leveraged to aid both companies it would allow both eBay and Yahoo! to provide more targeted information and ads to customers.

But there is no guarantee that this relationship will enable Yahoo! to gain search market share. And search market share is something Yahoo! and Microsoft desperately need to increase. It will be truly exciting to see how the Yahoo! eBay relationship progresses. It will also be interesting to see if Google can make money from print ads. My take is that the print business will be tougher for them than TV.

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