Speaking With The Alarm Guy about VoIP

The alarm technician was over today and I was speaking t him about our phone service and how one of our phone lines goes over the Internet so perhaps we need to switch the alarm’s phone input to be on our other non-Internet line. I was tying not to use technical terms as I didn’t expect the technician to be an expert is packetized telephony. He also told me it was his sixtieth birthday soon so I didn’t expect him to tell me about his Sony PSP usage.

All of a sudden he started to tell me that I am using a technology called voice over IP and most people don’t realize that when the power goes down that the electronics aren’t powered and the line dies and no phone calls can be placed at all. I smiled. I was speechless. I was elated.

We have made it as an industry. Sure, this single technician does not a population make but still, he knew what he was taking about and he knew what to advise me of and he knew how to handle my situation. This bodes well for our industry. I am very happy today. I think today is the day where I truly believe that writing about VoIP since the mid-nineties and educating the world has paid off.

We are now mainstream. The technology is being understood by those that need to understand it. Sure we have along way to go but I see the first steps have been taken and it just gets more fun from here.

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