VoIP Institute

Peggy Gritt who worked for Interactive Intelligence and has spoken at a number of TMC events has gone off and founded VoIP Institute.

Here are some details from the new website which will be updated with new information frequently:


The VoIP Institute is the first independent organization (not vendor-run) dedicated solely to the user experience. The purpose of the institute is to bring users together for sharing experiences, learning from each other, and advancing best practices.
Join the Voice over IP Institute to…
Meet – meet online and in person at local peer group meetings with other companies who are interested in or deploying voice over IP technology.
Advance – work with other users to develop best practices for implementation planning, system management, remote office deployments, and much more.
Learn – learn everything from the basics to advanced topics – from the technical to the business side of VoIP and SIP standards.
If you could easily find other users of voice over IP and SIP and learn how they are deploying it, applying it to their business, and managing their migrations – wouldn’t you jump at the chance to hear their best practices?
If you are struggling with advanced topics such as SIP standards for your IP-PBX and contact center don’t you want to know if other users have saved money and how?
Whether you are looking at the technical aspects of specific devices or want to know how a business case is built – the VoIP Institute serves users and potential users, business and technical interests. Our regional peer groups serve as user groups for the SIP user and general VoIP user community.

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