Yet Another Skype Article

Thanks to John Wind a VoIP veteran and industry guru for sending me this link to a very good VoIP article that focuses on Skype and whether they will be purchased. It features an interview with Skype cofounder Janus Friis who has been pretty silent until this article. I just added his first and last name to my spell checker so I hope to hear more about him in the future. For the record, I feel like I should get a paycheck from Skype because I seem to be writing about them constantly today and yesterday:

China Bans VoIP
Skype and VoIP Ecosystems
What EBay Will Do For Skype and VoIP
EBay Buys Skype

I will have to bring this up with the company’s CEO Niklas Zennstrom in Los Angeles at Internet Telephony Conference & Expo next month – after his keynote of course 🙂 .

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