Implement a Voice Channel

Please join me on September 22nd 2005 at 1:00 EST to learn about enterprise Voice and how to harness it:

Here is some marketing-speak onthe event.

Developing the Enterprise Voice Channel

Customer contacts are expected to reach 30 billion this year, of which 45% will take place over the phone. The cost of poor service is high. So how does your enterprise measure up?

Today, automated speech recognition systems are improving both customer experience and operational efficiency. A more natural, intuitive speech interface not only creates a more satisfying, interactive experience, it is also much faster and more efficient. Callers can complete their transactions by simply talking. Your customers will like that, and so will you.

Kinetic Information LLC examines how the implementation of a voice channel within an IT infrastructure unlocks business value for organizations as a whole. Learn how the same broad move to industry standards that has transformed the data side of IT – emphasizing software, integration and interoperability, and de-emphasizing hardware and vendor platform loyalty – is at work on the voice side of IT as well.

Capitalize on the convergence of voice, data and robust standards; and develop an enterprise voice channel to deliver a great caller experience to any user. 

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