Ceragon Boosts Wireless Backhaul Throughput

As wireless service providers seem to be battling to see who can provide the lowest cost unlimited voice and data plans, a problem is emerging that needs to be dealt with quickly. The issue is simply, how to cost-effectively upgrade network capacity to keep up with all the growth in voice and data capacity.

Invariably much of the challenge carriers face is in wireless backhaul as so many base stations are not located near fiber loops.

Enter Ceragon Networks and the company’s newest wireless mobile backhaul solutions, the IP-10 family. In a conversation with the company’s CMO Aviv Ronai and Director of Communication, Yoel Knoll the pair explained to me how this new product line offers unparalleled capacity – up to 500 mbps over a single radio carrier using a single RF carrier in fact.

Ronai had this to say about the company’s latest solution, "FibeAir IP-10 enables risk-free migration to IP/Ethernet while providing the highest possible capacities at any given radio-link budget. This is achieved without any need to replace infrastructure or change the size or quantity of licensed frequency channels. Moreover, by significantly reducing the number external devices such as TDM cross-connect or Ethernet switch, both of which are integrated into the FibeAir IP-10, we offer carriers the lowest total cost of migration."

As an added bonus, the solution also includes OA&M tools.

As the move to all IP wireless mobile backhaul continues, Ceragon Networks aims to be a solid choice allowing carriers to maximize the spectrum they have so as to boost efficiency and subsequently help offset the retail price reductions that seem to be continuing to happen over time.

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