Sprint Complaints

Sprint Complaints
Last night I got together with my family for dinner and I found that my Aunt was desperate to talk with me about her recent customer service experience with Sprint. She upgraded her phone and it wouldn’t work with her company’s new server.

She spent countless days and hours on the phone being bounced around from department to department. She got disconnected repeatedly and she was told numerous incorrect things about connecting her phone to the bluetooth in her Acura.

Worst of all, thanks to tech support she ended up deleting hundreds of e-mails which cannot be recovered.

Bottom lime… One of the worst customer service horror stories I have ever heard. The excruciating detail of it almost caused me to lose sleep. At one point, one of the people she spoke with even gave her an extension and first name in case they were disconnected. Sadly, they were disconnected and when she dialed back to get the person they didn’t seem to exist and the extension didn’t work.

If this is the typical customer service Sprint is providing then they will be gone soon. It seems this area is the first place the new company execs should look to improve while the company is still around.

  • Mike
    February 10, 2008 at 9:31 pm

    I disagree with some of the things Sprint CSR’s tell me. When I have a dispute over an obviously ridiculous charge, I am placated & lied to explaining that I will be contacted expediently to resolve my issue. Then nothing happens but a text or voice message directing me to pay all charges or lose service. I then contact Sprint again and explain what has happened and give my dispute number. I am put on hold for a VERY long time so that the rep can confer with a supervisor who never gets on the phone. Again I am told that they will handle this issue and that they are sorry for the mis-handling of this issue. Keep in mind, I have not insisted that they dismiss all charges instantly, but only investigate this dispute and contact me in an appropriate amount of time. This never happens. Again I either get a text or voice message about loss or interruption of service unless I pay up. Then I call again, Again I am assured that the problem will be resolved without interruption until dispute resolution is reached. Then I cannot make outgoing calls, all my calls are re-directed to bill payment at Sprint. Be warned that if someone at Sprint makes a mistake, they still need you to pay for it because an employee who makes a mistake will never admit it and you will then run into an endless chain of employees who get away with passing the buck until so many mistakes are made that the company itself will protect their employees by stonewalling you and cutting service completely until you pay for what you shouldn’t owe. This is a ridiculous business practice as they will fight to get an erroneous $100-200 dollars from a long term customer who is worth thousands per year and risk alienating that customer just for a small amount of money just because they cannot justify eating the cost of their own mistakes. DUH!!!!!!!

  • Jason Fields
    February 20, 2008 at 8:23 pm

    I have dealt with poor customer services for over six years with Sprint. I have wasted countless hours over the years on the phone trying to get fixes to billing errors and trying to get straight answers from different Sprint reps.
    The tipping point for me was when a Sprint manager threatened to call *my* boss because she was mad I wouldn’t accept her answer that there wasn’t an address I could mail a formal complaint to.
    Read my open letter to Sprint here:

  • Christine McCallum
    February 21, 2008 at 2:00 am

    To Whom It May Concern:
    Up until December 18, 2007 I was a Sprint customer. I had been with Sprint for almost 7 years. However, after numerous problems with fees and the lack of customer service, I felt I could no longer stay with a company who could care less about their clients. I transferred my service and went with T-Mobile. I called Sprint PCS Customer Service on December 20, 2007 to cancel the other phone line that I had. I spoke to a representative who indicated that in order to complete the cancellation process I needed to speak to his supervisor. There was a brief pause and another man came on the line and introduced himself as the supervisor. He asked me why I wanted to cancel and I explained that the monthly charges were too expensive considering the terrible service that Sprint has provided since merging with Nextel. He offered to give me three months of free service to stay with Sprint. I refused this offer. He then said there were just a couple other things before he could complete the cancellation. After 30 minutes, he indicated that the process was complete and that my service would end at the end of the current billing cycle, which was December 31, 2007. I told him that was fine and he said thank you for using Sprint PCS and hung up.
    On January 3, 2008 I asked my boyfriend to check and make sure that the phone was no longer working. He tried and it was still on. I then called Sprint Customer Service and spoke to Cheryl. I explained that I called on 12/20 to cancel service for 817-939-3948. She informed me that they never cancelled the service. I explained that I would not be responsible for anything after 12/31/2007 because that was the end of the cycle and that is when the previous person at Sprint told me it would end. She apologized for the error and actually said that she didn’t understand why they never submitted the cancellation, but that it was taken care of.
    On January 4th or 5th I received an email from Sprint indicating that my current bill was ready to view. I logged into the website and pulled up account, but when I went to open the file to view my bill it indicated that I no longer had access to this feature. Once again, I called the Sprint Customer Service number. After several minutes I talked to a young lady and explained the situation. She said that since my account was cancelled I was no longer able to view my bill on-line. I asked her to please send me a copy of it then by mail so I could see the charges. She said that she would do that and that it should go out within 6 days. Two weeks later I still had not received my bill. On January 21st I received an email from Sprint indicating that my bill was past due and it was being sent for collection!!! What the hell???? I could not believe this!! In the entire time I had been with Sprint I had never been late with my bill and now you’re sending me to collection when I haven’t even received a bill!!!! How absolutely ridiculous!!!
    Once again I called Sprint and after explaining my situation two three idiots in Customer Service, I finally got to talk to a man who said he would mail me a copy of the bill. That was at the end of January. On February 12th I received the bill for the next billing cycle, but still not the initial bill that was supposedly sent back at the beginning of January. On Friday, February 15th I received the initial copy of my bill.
    Now today, February 21, 2008, I get not one, but two fricking letters from a collection agency!!! You people have got a lot of balls to do this considering you didn’t even send me my bill from January 4th until February 15th!!!!
    I am informing you no that I have already contacted the FCC and filed a formal complaint against Sprint PCS. I have also contacted an attorney and I plan on taking this as far as I can in order to get this resolved. If you turn any of this information into any credit bureau I will sue you!!!!
    This is exactly why I cancelled my account with Sprint because you rip people off, blow smoke up their asses and don’t do a damn thing to take care of your consumers!! Ever since you merged with Nextel your store service sucks! You move everyone in like cattle, you have to go to the end of the earth to get technical or repair service and you have to wait a ridiculous amount of time not only in the store, but on the phone as well. And when you finally do get with one of your flunkies, you get screwed and nothing gets resolved.
    I plan on paying my bill, but I will do so with the same sense of urgency that you took in getting my bill to me!!
    I will be sure to post this letter on every blog or web page that I can find in order to deter anyone from ever going to you for service.
    I would appreciate it if someone from your company would contact me immediately to get this resolved, because I have wasted enough of my time chasing after you and your so called “Customer Service” reps.
    Christine McCallum

  • E smith
    March 7, 2008 at 10:49 pm

    The last two years of service have been horrific with sprint. My account address has been changed multiple times to people out of state and yet when I call to try and change my information back, they question if I am the correct account holder. Obviously there has been no problem changing it by various strangers 4-6 times in the past 6 mths. I have been referred to 10 different account reps with several that referred me to the fraud department. Once I make it to the fraud dept they inform me that I should have no concern with my information being changed multiple times without my consent. I went into a store two times for this situation, needlessly using at least 3 more hours of my life. The managers have all been perplexed and concerned at the odd activity on the account, but I can’t cancel the account b/c I have a 2 year agreement. If I do close the account, which anyone in their right mind would do, I will be charged $400.00 for early termination – even thought the security breech resulting in termination is thanks inpart to their incompetancy. This is just one of many redundant bad experiences I have had. Just this evening I was on the phone with them to change my billing information. I tried first to do it on line, but it rejected my account. It took me 4 reps and 22 minutes later to change my billing preference. This process still had to be done by me online. I just had to re-register my account for the second time to get the system to give me administrative permissions. This would have typically irritated me but at this point it is expected. I have the date my contract expires on my calendar and will be canceling not a day later.

  • M. Maura
    March 26, 2008 at 11:05 am

    I also am very upset & disguted with SPRINT, back in October 2007 I called from a T-mobile store to triple check that I could cancel my SPRINT account WITHOUT a cancellation penalty. I was reassurred that my contract had expired and that I was in a month to month & that NO cancellation fee would be charged. I had been with SPRINT for over 4 years (always of course with different issues involed. The gentleman from the T-Mobile phone even had to get on the phone to receive an authorization code to have my phone number that I had with SPRINT transferred over to be used with T-Mobile he also asked at the time that making sure that I was not going to be charged a cancellation fee again, the reply was No that I was within the time range to cancell. Well….I received my partial statement for charges to the 2 weeks in October prior to cancellation PLUS I see $150.00 early termination fee! I went through the roof called imediately spoke with about 3 different people (no lie) after being placed on hold numerous times even disconnected once, I was told the problem would be fixed. Following month December not only was the $150.00 still there now there was a late charge, again I called spoke with a representative then I asked for a manager spoke & explained the entire situation she looked into my account & assured me that it would be taken care of that all I would owe would be the partial month of October & that I would receie an e-mail correcting the problem with a confirmation number that she refused to give at the time of the conversation. I have all the names of the people I spoke to. I now recived a letters from Allied Interstate a collection company that Sprint sent me to, not only are they asking for the cancelation fee of $150.00 but late charges they now say that i owe $246.00 SPRINT will also NOT release the name of the person that actually confirmed from the first conversation that I was entitled to cancell without a fee! I have contacted Allied & was askes to write a dispute letter explaining all of this. I will NOT recommed SPRINT to anyone and I already have had friends not renew they have gone to T-Mobile. How unfair that companies get away with ripping consumers off!

  • William Green
    June 3, 2008 at 6:50 pm

    I have never been so upset as I am today 6/3/08, sprint is a poor excuse for a company and they are literally theives. They access peoples account and steal from them. I a filing check card fraud charges on them in the morning. I talked with Sharna and she stated that sprint wasn’t going to refund the $300.00 they stole from me. I could go back to my bank and have them credit the money back to my acct. But when I go there I had to call back and got this guy Carlo Hernandez and he didn’t even know who his supervisor was after I ask to speak with him. I believe we need to file a class action lawsuit against these theives an make them accountable for stealing money from us and charging us for services we never received. Who do these people thank they are anyway. I will take this to the supreme court if I have to and they will be out of more than $300.00.

  • Michael Schaeffer
    June 15, 2008 at 9:01 am

    I just received my notice of decline for my rebate. Amazingly enough for not activating my phone within the proper time period. So i guess activating the phone at the store when I bought it was not soon enough. I have experienced sprint disasters before and just shake my head at how a company so poorly run, can remain in business. I sent them a note which i have documented, giving them 48 hours to provide me my rebate or proof they have fired the employee that lied to me. Are they going to do any of this? Of course not, but when I go into court on Wednesday and file my suit for the cost of the phone, and the cost of switching to another phone, I bet they will not think of trying to charge me for contract fees. I suggest the only way to deal with a lying cheating incompetent organization is simply to pull you business from them. Many people do this and thats why Sprint is losing customers faster than any other Cell company on the planet.

  • Peter
    June 23, 2008 at 11:14 pm

    Sprint reps are all out to appear to be Customer Advocates by selling Family Plans where you get more than one phone at a cheaper rate, better discount for the same price as a single plan. What they neglect to inform you is that each phone counts as a single cancellation fee. Translation: each phone is $200 to cancel the plan.
    My second issue is that even if you want to stay with Sprint but change your family plan for a single plan you must pay the cancellation fee EVEN THOUGH you are remaining a Sprint customer. The only way around this is to purchase the higher priced family plan and sign another 2 year contract. There is NO deviation from this even after complaining to customer retention.
    I am so displeased with their sales tactic that I am willing to pay the DOUBLE cancellation fee to get away from Sprint.
    Long live Apple & AT&T.

  • brad jefferson
    July 21, 2008 at 4:07 pm

    I have a nightmare with Sprint as well.
    Would you mind letting me know what happened to you?

  • Carolyn
    July 24, 2008 at 8:58 pm

    Dear, Sprint Nextel Top Management
    I never thought I would find myself as angry, frustrated, and disappointed in Sprint’s customer service as I am today. As a long-time customer of Sprint, I had become accustomed to being treated with civility and to having my questions answered promptly and correctly. This is my letter just voicing my concern over the lack of customer service skills that your call center rep have. I have had my Nextel service for over 5 years. Any time that I have had to call in the last 2 years I have had to call at least 4 to 5 times before getting the problem resolved. I currently had an issue where my checking account had NSF because of fraudulent charges. Instead of trying to work with a customer that has had no pervious problems regarding bad checks I get put thru the ringer. I was told incorrect information and hung up on several times. Finally I go pay $400 and was then told NO your service won’t be restored until up pay 173.43 more! After 5 years of paying and not having any problems this is how a GOOD customer is treated. I finally asked that last manager I spoke with (I believe her name was Claire Dane) if the pervious calls can to pulled and listened to because I was already told by the supervisor that did the conference call with the bank that after the $400 payment was made my service would be restored. Mrs. Dane told me she had no idea how to get that information. I just think it really poor customer service and manager that just say whatever. I just wanted someone to be aware that maybe your reps should get a little more CUSTOMER SERVICE training before handling real customers. Also it’s not just the rep. If you have a manager on the phone and you have to ask her to look at the notes on you account that not a very good manager. I will be joining the many other people I know who have switched their services from sprint to any other service provider. I believe that my over 5 years of service I shouldn’t be treated like someone who just recently received service. Also something else to add I ask the last rep if she could tell me how many times it was documented that I called. She advised me 4. When she told me that I was really surprised because I had called at least 7-10 times. She that tells me ever time I was hung up on the rep wasn’t documenting again. I also had a rep that was just going to restore my service and let me take care of the conference call between escalation department and my bank on Monday but I told her that’s not what I wanted. I having never tried to get extra thing I just want to be treated like the good customer I am. Also just to note something else I found it quite interesting that when I type Sprint complaints on Google I get LOTS of blogs and website made by people that have had the same bad experience. Maybe customer service should be placed above profit. Better training will make better reps. this would have been the end of my letter but of course not. Today 07/22 I give in and go pay the 173.00 dollars at the Sprint/Nextel store in Fuquay Varina. I wait about 2 hrs before calling to find out when my service would be restored. Then I think no I will do a chat online with a rep and that would be easier. She comes on and looks up my account and then tells me I have to pay 75.00 before my account can be restored. Ok here again I’m put thru the ringer and still no service. I call while still chatting with the rep and get a very nice young lady who really did review my account and told me to turn my phone off for 5 min. I did that and still nothing. So I still wait about and hour and a half before I call back and speak with another young lady who also tell me to turn my phone off this time for 15 mins. Still nothing at this point I’m tired and going to bed and will deal with it in the morning. Then next morning(07/23/08)I call and get a young lady again who says she see the problem and needs to setup a payment arraignment for the $75 and I tell her ok I can pay this on 08/01. She puts me on hold for a few seconds and then comes back and tell me I would have to pay $75 by 08/02 and to turn my phone off and then back on and I should have service in about 10 min. This time it was true and I was like about time I have been going around in circles since Friday (07/18) about this. Then during the afternoon my service is restricted from making out going calls. WHY! I just spoke with someone that morning so why again do I have to call back. I’m at work and have to wait to get off work and call. When I do I get the young man who tell me your phone is off because of your past due balance. I thought I have already don what I was suppose to do. The phone I was using loses service so I call back in and get another young man who tells me to turn my phone off and then back on again. Also that I must make another payment before 07/31 or my service will be disconnected again. Ok this all started from fraudulent charges on my bank account. I was getting it taken care of and need my service provider that I have had many years to work with me. I’m not trying to get anything but what I think I deserve for being a good customer fro so many years. From 07/18-07/23 I think I might have call over 20 times. I really would have never thought that there would be I time that I don’t even want a cell phone because of all the issue. Believe me it’s not just me. You should try call into one of your call center and just hearing the things your reps are tell people. Also I would really like it if someone will pull my call so you can also know that the things I’m saying are true and I really feel I was treated very badly. I will leave my account information in bottom of letter for that purpose.

  • Rachel
    August 2, 2008 at 2:42 am

    Regardless of whether or not your receive your bill It is your responsibility to make sure that your bill is paid on time. It is people like you who blame everybody but themselves who has brought this great country to ruin.

  • Elana
    August 9, 2008 at 12:11 am

    My issue is that for the past year I’ve been a customer of Sprint and each and every month I’ve had issues with charges for services I never agreed to or signed up for. Other times I was charged large charges for Text Messaging when in fact I had signed up for Unlimited Text Messaging.
    I’d call in to complain and I’d be told from one agent my account would be adjusted. Then I’d be switched to a Financial Department person who’d tell me the same thing.Believing everything is taken care off. However, the next thing I get is that my account has been suspended for non-payment of one thing or another.
    I finally had enough of the service and the run around and the constant inconsistency. Overall I felt I was being lied to each and every time and no one was bothering to help me. I enjoyed the phone I had, the service itself in regards to I never lost signals, calls etc. I was pleased with that part of it.
    In April Sprint NOT me cancelled my service for no apparent reason. The only way I found out was when I went into a local Sprint Store to pay my current bill at the time. I was told they couldn’t find my account or anything in the system. Then I went to another store and the gentleman behind the counter made a few calls and was told by someone FROM SPRINT my service was “CANCELLED” NOT suspended or anything else. CANCELLED!!!!! I tried to sign up with AT &T pre-paid with my cell phone number.
    After two days AT& T called me at home to tell me they couldn’t transfer the number because it was in the process of being ported to SPRINT!! I called Sprint and was told that “YES, your number is in the process of being ported BACK to Sprint.”
    1) I NEVER left Sprint in the first place 2) How dare someone tell me they are porting in or back a number I NEVER ported out in the first place? Then have the nerve to charge me a re-activation fee and a deposit? 3) I truly did NOT appreciate being charged THREE times for a deposit fee of $150. I’ve been fighting that $150 fee ever since. I OFFICIALLY left Sprint in June, 2008.
    Three weeks ago I was sent an email from SPRINT to call a toll free number to verify my name, address and other information. I did. I spoke to a gentleman who took all my information and further advised me that the email was due to the fact I left Sprint and that my deposit can no longer be held or applied to my account. I was told to call back within a week of the original call to verify my check was processed and check the status of the check.
    July 30th I called back and spoke to another gentleman who told me my check was processed on July 26th and should reach me in about 3-5 days. On August 4th I spoke to a male subject who told me the check was sent and returned back to Sprint which they had received August 1st.
    FIRST off I NEVER received the check. Secondly, I surely wouldn’t have sent it back. The man I spoke to “Mike” did a conference call with me, him and a supervisor from the financial department who stated the check would be re-issued and sent out right away. It should go out in the next day’s mail and should arrive by the end of the week. I was further told that someone from Sprint would call me the next day. No one ever called me from Sprint.
    August 6, 2008 I called in and was directed to Customer Care. I was then directed to the Finance Department to find out the status of the $150 check. The agent began to argue with me. I told her FOUR times I received and email from SPRINT that stated I was receiving a refund. She tells me that no such notes showing that is in the system and that I actually owe all this money. She also tells me that the deposit check was NEVER processed or issued on July 26th and that I basically was “lying and telling stories of an amount of money you are not intitled to. Nor will you be getting that money.”
    I asked to speak to her supervisor and I was directed to “Jeremy” who I had informed that I didn’t appreciate his employee’s tone and what she said to me. He also refused to help me. He told me that I wasn’t getting the check either. He showed that there is a $300 deposit listed, but it was applied back to some $200+ (almost $300) amount I supposedly owed. Which is NOT true. So he told me that I wasn’t getting my $300. At least he admitted I was OVER CHARGED for the deposits, but again I was told I wasn’t getting that money.
    In the mean time the money I was told I was due will not be forth coming. I was counting on the money because the company told me it was forth coming. Now it’s not. I still DO NOT have my issues resolved with Sprint and I now have a $240 (final after the cost of phone charges and taxes) Motorola Razr V3m phone I CAN’T use or get my money back for. I can’t get my $49 I spent to buy a Bluetooth for the Motorola and I can’t get back my $150 (actually $300 for the TWO separate deposits I paid in addition to the ORIGINAL $150 I paid when I FIRST came to Sprint). Not to mention the TWO $200 early termination fees they tried to stick me with.

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/w81Z0XptqdiM1z08zfwqDxos.iibf.UO.yQqMpQOima9nSDTRA--#0de8f
    October 3, 2008 at 11:16 pm

    Dear, Sprint Nextel Top Management,
    Today i visit one of the sprint store that is located at
    Baldwin Park Marketplace
    14460 Merced Avenue, Unit 110
    Baldwin Park, CA 91706
    I just went to get information on my phone that I got water on. This young lady helped me at first but then started giving me attitude, i asked for another represenative and she rudly said she will but i had to wait 15 minutes. I was really upset that you guys would hire a citizen with no maners. i truly belive that she needs to be professional at her job and not give attitue to costumers. This young individuals named Desire had no right to give me the attitue just the way she did. I was speaking to her with profesionalism and i expect the same back. I hope i hear from you guys soon and i hope you guys adress the issue.

  • Zach
    December 27, 2008 at 2:22 pm

    People, all cell phone companies have their problems. ALL OF THEM. I’ve worked for Sprint AND Verizon although I have AT&T service. Basically, the only difference in these companies are the price plans and the devices that the manufacturers offer to the service providers. I’ve read most of the comments left here today and all I can say is that I’m glad I’m no longer working in customer service for Sprint or Verizon. One of the main problems with customer service is that several 3rd party companies are working with Sprint or Verizon to provide their call centers. Since so many different companies are involved, information gets crossed and employees are told different things (which in turn can screw up the customers). Yes, it is Sprint’s or Verizon’s responsibility to see that the reps that are handling their customers are trained properly, but when you think about it, there are thousands of people they would have to monitor. No company can monitor ALL their call center employees to 100% satisfaction.
    While this is regretable, I’m here to say that 90% of the problems customers have is simply user error or a miscommunication somewhere in the lines. Yes, it is VERY possible for billing errors to occur, but when that is it is obviously an error on the provider’s part, they typically can get it taken care of very quickly. The challenge is finding the right person to help you. Either loyalty and saves (Verizon) or the retention department (Sprint) are the right people to talk to, but not always.
    When it comes to the insurance issues that I hear about (OFTEN!). It’s simple commen sense people. You pay deductibles on your health and automotive insurance don’t you? Then WHY would cell phone insurance be any different? And when your car gets totalled, don’t they usually replace it with the same model or if that model’s not available, a newer one? I have never seen someone who’s car gets totalled get a totally different model of a vehicle (although I could be very wrong).
    Another thing, people always expect to get 100-200 dollar credits on their accounts for things they PROBABLY screwed up themselves. Sure, 100 or 200 dollars doesn’t seem like much to a company as big as Sprint or Verizon, but if 100 customers ask for 200 dollar credits on their bills every week, that’s 200,000 dollars a week Sprint will give out to people who don’t always deserve them. If they gave out 200,000 dollars a week for one year, that’s 10,400,000 dollars a year to satisfy customers who screwed themselves over. Now, if the provider realizes that it was indeed their fault, then they will (and should) credit you back (that’s only because its moneyt they wouldn’t have anyway, so they’re not losing out). Every provider has issues, I guarantee you that it isn’t just Sprint, or just Verizon, or just AT&T. Its all of them. Mistakes happen and no computer software or system is perfect (especially with thousands of people who have complete access to millions of people’s accounts).
    Ok, I no longer work with a Verizon affiliate, but I do work with a 3rd party Sprint Retail Store. If you have any questions about Sprint, feel free to e-mail me and I can try to help but of course I can’t guarantee anything. My e-mail address is DaftAct723@live.com.

  • S.M.
    March 10, 2009 at 10:48 am

    I had Sprint for four month when within one month they knowingly ripped me off for approximately $1,400. I had been out of state for the weekend and my phone was stolen, when I had gotten back I went into Sprint and told them to turn off my phone so that no one could use it, and at that time they checked and nothing had been charged since the last time I had seen it so they suggested that maybe I had just lost it. But instead of turning off my phone they turned off my mothers on accident, who was also on my cell phone plan and was also out of state at the time on an important business conference. Not being able to contact me with my phone being stolen and not knowing any of my friends numbers since they were all on her phone she couldn’t contact me, she just thought her phone broke and that she would just deal with it when she got back a few days later. When she returned and asked why I had never answered my phone when she called I told her what happened and we immediately realized that Sprint had shut off the wrong phone. We figured it wouldn’t be a very difficult thing to fix if someone had been using it since I had already been in there and it was a mistake on their part. When we went in the next day to make sure that no one had charged anything to my phone we found out that someone had downloaded $1,400 worth of ring tones in a four day period, (which is astounding that that is even possible) between when I had told them to turn off my phone and when we went back into tell them they had made a mistake. The other thing obviously supporting that it had been stolen was that the person made phone calls that ranged from a few minutes to a couple hours to people in Idaho, Kentucky and another state that i can not remember at the time, and I know no one living in these states. Luckily with the plan we had the phone calls added almost nothing to our bill. They told us that we would have to pay unless we could prove that I hadn’t been using my phone during that time and that I had told them my number to turn off and not my mothers. (If it wasn’t obvious enough with the ring tones, out of state calls and since not even a single one of my friends phone calls or texts had been answered) We did in fact prove this, the girl that had accidentally shut off my mothers phone instead of mine was a friend of my brothers from high school and knowing my family, remembered me and when I had come in and that I had told her my number and she admitted it had been a mistake on her part. She told me it should be easy to fix and personally called the people above her and told them what happened multiple times, every time being put on hold to talk to a “higher” person who would also just put her on hold. This continued for a few days. Finally someone told her that it would be taken car of and they would take the charges off our bill. I was believed that everything was fixed and that the whole thing was taken care of. Even though we proved this and they said they would deduct everything from those few days they still sent us a bill without a single thing deducted from it. When we brought the bill in to show that nothing had been deducted from it she called again and after much more time spent on hold they told her that it was just pretty much too bad and that I would still have to pay the bill despite what they had said earlier. Knowing what had happened since my mother and I had been in almost every day during the ordeal, the head manager of the store called thinking that he could get further than the girl that had dealt with it before since it was completely obvious it was stolen. But after many more hours of being on hold, they told him the same thing. Soon after that Sprint send a statement to me saying that we didn’t prove that someone else had stolen it and had been using it, (although we clearly had) and that I probably just downloaded the ring tones and didn’t want to pay for them. I had never downloaded even a single ring tone before. They also implied that I probably made the phone calls out of state just to act like someone had stolen it, even though some phone calls lasted a couple hours and I did not know the people they had called. Which was also proven when they had someone call and asked the people who had been called who had called them from that number and they all admitted to not knowing me. To be “nice” they sent me a new bill, mockingly deducting around $75 for the “inconvenience” of the time I spent at the store while they had been putting the people that were actually helping me on hold for so long.
    The most shocking and by far worst part about it, incredibly, was not the bill. Two months later I was outraged to find out that Sprint had found out who the person was that had stolen my phone and made those phone calls from multiple people that had been called by the person when Sprint (like I said before, after many wasted hours of putting the people who helped me on hold) investigated my complaint. So they hadn’t just found out that those people didn’t know who I was like they had told the people helping me. They also found out from a few of those people that when the person called them they had bragged about stealing my phone from my purse when I wasn’t at the camp site I had been camping at and that they had also stolen an assortment of things from other campsites around mine. Who ever it was had also told them that they had just been downloading random ring tones nonstop since they had got my phone to work. Sprint had known the whole time that my phone had been stolen and not only did they still charge me and telling me that I hadn’t proved a thing, they didn’t call the cops and report the information that they knew about the person and what they had done. Which they, like all companies are required (I think by law) to do. When I called and asked if I could have the persons information so I could file a law suit against them myself, they told me that they could not give me any of the persons information. Admitting without actually saying it, that they knew everything.
    I along with two other friends decided that the high price to drop our contracts was worth it, and I advise anyone looking into Sprint or that has it (Or any cell phone) already to make sure that nothing like this happens to them and to stay on top of EVERYTHING on their bill no matter how small it seems. I’m not saying don’t consider them if you are, they have many perks and the people at my local Sprint store are exceptionally nice compared to the other employees of the other cell phone companies I have had in the past. And I am sure this was probably the only, if not one of the few times something this incredibly ridiculous has happened. I am very confidant that this whole situation was mainly a few lazy and corrupt peoples fault, and hopefully at some point the proper procedures they knowingly did not follow will be found out and they will be fired for the things they did wrong and for putting such a bad name on Sprint.

  • beth daughetee
    April 27, 2009 at 8:19 pm

    Sounds familiar!!!!!
    I signed up for Sprint and had free roaming and long distance. They told me that if my bill ever went over $300 it would automatically be suspended. Every month for a year my service was suspended b/c they charged me roaming and long distance. I would have to pay the entire amount then spend 1 and a half to two hours on the phone for them to correct the problem. they corrected it every time and credited my account the amount they overcharged me. Every month they said they fixed the problem. This went on for a year. I spent hours upon hours dealing with this. The problem was never fixed. The last several months I went through this I told them to correct it once and for all or I had to terminate my service. They told me the problem was b/c I signed up for service in the middle of a merger. Anyway, I had to cancel my service. They did not live up to our contract and I could not rely on the service.
    Now they are trying to make me pay early cancellation fee. Even after explaining the situation 100s of times all they say is that the fees are legit, regardless that they did not live up to their end. I spent 2hrs on the phone today trying to get the # and address to their legal department. I am fine taking that route but after talking to 7 people today nobody would give me the info and the last one hung up.

  • Sachin
    May 1, 2009 at 10:00 am

    I have very bad experience from Sprint customer service.
    My older phone cannot use it – i dropped and screen not showing up. I liked blackberry , i ordered blackberry 8830 with
    2 year service agreement. Later i learned by reading internet sprint blackberry blogging that i have to have
    extra 30.00 dollar plan per month from blackberry in order to use blackberry with sprint everything data plan.
    I did not wanted to spent extra so i called back to cancel the order, Anthony desraia came on the phone.
    I explained him the situation , he added blackberry plan free for me and ask keep blackberry – do not cancel
    order we give you black berry plan for free without any additional charge.
    I was like so happy – sprint’s customer service has so much values for the customers. I kept the order, phone
    came and i activated it. while activating sprint never activated blackberry plan and they asked me extra
    30.00 per month for blackberry plan. I explained so many representative the situation and i was offered free
    blackberry plan from Anthony Desarai but nobody called anthony to veryfy and nobody listened to me.
    Today i’m not sure what to do , I sent 3 emails to anthony , he’s not calling me or he’s not even rsponding my emails.
    Nobody from sprint trying to contact him or nobody gives me clear answer.

  • Patrick Schubert
    June 10, 2009 at 1:11 pm

    Dear Sprint,
    I wanted to let you know that I received your little gift for my five year anniversary with what you like to refer to as service. You shouldn’t have. I mean it.You really outdid yourself this time, Sprint. A ringtone? For me? Wow. I’m underwhelmed. Five years at over $200 a month and I get a $.99 ringtone. That’s gross revenue of well over $12,000. $12,000! You should have sent me a moped or a cappuccino maker. Who is in charge of your customer loyalty program? Ebenezer Scrooge? Scrooge McDuck? A demented wombat named Carl? I mean, really, come ‘on, you don’t get why over a million customers fled screaming and crying like your service was a flesh eating pandemic last year?
    This is a fitting crescendo to five years of terrible customer service, limited coverage, and some of the downright shittiest cell phone offerings on the planet. To whit:
    I should have known this wasn’t going to work out. When I called your customer dis-service department I explained that I wanted to port my existing number from AT&T. I was first told that this was not possible. I patiently explained that not only was it possible for Sprint to do this, it was REQUIRED by FEDERAL law. I finally got through to your talking mongoose and she started to process my order. Then she told me “Ok, Sir. I’ve placed the order. Your new number will be..” I was, like, “Stop. No. No. No. No new number.” Then the inbred twit tried telling me it was a temporary number. What?!?! WHAT?!?!? NO! Don’t jack with me on telecommunications. It may be the one thing I know something about. Finally I said “You have no idea how to do this do you?”. Her reply, a very quiet “No.”
    After talking to 15 more servile reps I finally gave up and went directly to one of your stores. It took over an hour and a half but the rocket surgeons finally managed to conquer the impossible and give me a new phone with my existing AT&T number. Oh… the phone.
    I chose Sprint over five years ago because AT&T had no smartphone offering. So I bought the Hitachi G1000 which kinda looked like a brick. When I was talking on it with the leather case my co-workers would taunt me with “Hey, Schubert, you talk’in to your purse again?” The ever reliable Windows CE operating system would only reboot on every third call and I could never get it to synch with my laptop as promised.
    So eventually I got a Palm Treo. The first one was OK. With a few exceptions. It was not tactile at all. Terrible. The touchscreen buttons were extremely small and required the use of the stylus (which constantly wore at it’s storage niche causing it to fall out in random airports/hotels) which was very frustrating when driving. Reaction to the touchscreen buttons was very slow. Sometimes 3 or 4 seconds. And the “hang up” button that appears after you place a call is in the same place as the “dial” button which, combined with the slow reaction time, caused me to constantly simultaneously place and disconnect calls. I mean, Palm, does anyone QA this shit? Ever heard of usability testing? And you’ve foisted this crap on hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting consumers. And Sprint, I would love to learn about the process by which you select your vendors. Is it a foot race? A typing test? Do you just sweep some technology ghetto and throw everything you find up on your website?
    Once a year my phone would zero out causing me to get a replacement through your insurance program. It was usually an updowngrade. You sent me a “better” Palm model but it was always worse. Some of the highlights, no texting for 9 months, loss of ability to synch with my laptop, crappy signal, unexplained inability to synch wirelessly with my work e-mail, dropped calls like no tomorrow, no interoperability with Bluetooth headsets, and inexplicable crashes. The graphics look like something out of Windows for Workgroups and your browser can’t even handle java or reasonable page re-sizing. My favorite, and this highlights both your unbelievably horrendous customer service and the fact that the Treo is a steaming pile of phone dung, was last summer when the whatsit decided it wanted to alternate between two boot screens and go no further. I took it into the Sprint store in Hobart, Indiana (don’t ever try to do anything grown up or serious in NW Indiana BTW – but that’s another rant) and Einstein says “Yeah, that can’t be fixed. We can probably get you another phone by Friday.” It was Monday. This is my phone. This is my work. This is my LIFE you f*cking, f*cking moron. Why do I pay $10 a month for this insurance and replacement shite? So I ordered the new phone and went home. Twenty minutes of Googleing and I had my phone fixed. But I figured, I’ll take the new phone because maybe it will be better. It took THREE weeks to arrive. It’s not better. It’s worse.
    Wanna hear about your wireless broadband card? You should, cause it’s mostly good. I get service most everywhere, very reliable, pretty fast etc. But I recently had to install your NEW connection software on a new laptop. I was excited because it looks wicked cool where the old software looked like something that might run on an Apple 2E. Then I had to use it today. 3 dropped connections in an hour. I’ll take the ugly sister who cooks and cleans and you can keep the pretty one with 67 pair of shoes and borderline personality disorder.
    And let’s address two final issues. Why can you not provide service on the cell tower near my home? My AT&T and Verizon friend’s phones work at my house. My Nick’s Wireless and Gumbo friend’s phones work at my house. Why have I never been able to place a cellular phone call from my home you worthless, itinerate sacks of monkey leavings? Texting. Since it didn’t work in or out for the first nine months I had this metric a$$load of crap (another Google fix BTW) I didn’t do it. Now I do text and I find out unlimited texting is not included for my $200+ a month. Really? $.20 per message? Texting is that taxing on the cellular infrastructure? Two words for you. And no rollover minutes!?!?!? F*ck You. I’m switching to AT&T and getting an iPhone. Oh… thanks for the ring tone. I couldn’t get it to work on this $hitty Treo.
    Patrick Schubert

  • Beth J.
    June 12, 2009 at 10:30 am

    Well, I’ve finally had enough. After 7 years I am leaving Sprint when my contract expires later this summer. The key issues for me have been poorly-trained or deceptive CSRs and store personnel who give you conflicting answers to direct questions, a bias toward new contracts that results in a lack of appreciation for the value of long-term customer relationships, and issues with coverage in our local area.
    Without going into too much detail, I was a relatively happy Sprint customer for the first few years of my relationship, but the past couple of years have soured them for me. So, instead of renewing with them for two more years, I am going to jump to either Verizon or AT&T. I know they have customer service issues of their own, but I feel completely unappreciated and abused by Sprint right now and there’s nothing they can do to change that feeling.

    July 18, 2009 at 2:21 pm

    File a Better Business Bureau complaint on Sprint and name the gentlemen who gave you the free service. Sprint reps have a habit of lying then denying they ever said it . But you have to stand up to what they told you. All the cell companies are pretty much the same. The only one worse is Cingular. After you file with BBB then file with FCC. Keep me updated my web page is listed above and here is my business email: yrright2know@lumbay6.org.
    Good luck

  • Jared
    August 31, 2009 at 10:26 am

    you must be a sprint rep. because no one i know likes or even has sprint service and the only people who would be saying ”its all your fault” blah blah blah, are the people who are to blame. and if none of that is true then you must have had an extremely rare bad experience with another carrier. the customers of sprint are not responsible of paying their bills IF they never receive the bills in the first place. (depending on payment method) i’ve been a sprint customer for 3 years now and get maybe 3 bars at the most in well populated areas (which sprint focuses their towers on) and i know it’s not just my phone because my parents both have sprint also, and they get about the same if not worse. i don’t see how you have permission to go and blame billing issues on the consumers. everything that i have read on this page so far has been true. other than decent plan prices, i see no reason to stay with sprint. if your on a tight budget, may i suggest alltel’s pre-paid plans? you can choose up to 3 unlimited features (correct me if i’m wrong) free nights and weekends starting at 9PM, unlimited txt, free mobile to mobile. each of these features are 25 cents extra per day. the minimum cost is 75 cents a day, which includes 2 unlimited features. and at the moment i am using my phone to post this, i currently have 2 bars in the middle of my town. if u want to check and see if my zip code has service feel free. 32340. thanks.

  • David
    September 22, 2009 at 1:23 pm

    Would Sprint, or any other company, pay without and invoice? I don’t think so.

  • Zach G
    September 23, 2009 at 5:34 pm

    As a Sprint rep, I have to completely agree with you when I say that most Sprint sales reps are biased in favor of new customers. Basically, Sprint pays sales reps much, MUCH more for every new activation than upgrading customers. It is not the customer’s fault that Sprint (as well as most other companies) choose to provide better compensation to sales reps for signing new customers compared to resigning current customers. This has never made since to me due to the fact that it is 10 times cheaper to maintain relationships with current customers in most businesses.
    I also have to agree with you on the fact that CSRs are poorly trained. This is largely due to the fact that there are several 3rd party companies which Sprint pays to handle their customer flow. It is also very true that some reps will lie to customers in order to get off the phone or get the sale. However, much of this is human nature and Sprint has no way of monitoring every single rep. Again, these issues aren’t just restricted to Sprint, but to most other big businesses as well as AT&T, Verizon, and even Wal-Mart.
    The best piece of advice I can give anybody is that you need to look carefully into any company before signing a contract of any kind. The better you understand your contract and the services that the company provides you, the less problems you will run into. In no way am I trying to imply that all the problems you run into are of your own fault; I’m just saying that knowledge is power. lol

  • Corey S.
    October 7, 2009 at 11:32 pm

    Wow, I just cancelled my Sprint service after like 10 years or something. I was sold a phone about a year ago that does not work. I’ve had it replaced twice already. It has never worked properly and I just wanted a phone that works. I took it to the store and the reps told me they don’t even sell that phone anymore because it has so many problems. They said I sould just get a new phone. I agreed completely. Problem is Sprint says I’m not eligable for an upgrade yet. It was going to cost me almost $500 to get the new phone. I called and asked Sprint to give me an early upgrade because my phone was a lemon and they knew it. I was told all they could do was send me a replacement of the some phone…the same one that hasn’t worked the last three times. Why would I want another one. I spoke to a couple supervisors and then said I would cancel my account if they couldn’t rectify the problem. Supervisor told me to hold a moment and the cancellation department answered. I couldn’t beleive it! I’ve had four to five phones on this account for almost 10 years. I really wasn’t asking for much…I just don’t want to be penalized for being sold faulty equipment. At least not anymore than I already was for the last year dealing with the faulty equipment and getting it replaced mutiple times. I know they didn’t realize it was faulty when they sold it, but they know it now. Thats why they stopped selling it. I am appalled that they would let a long time customer go rather that allow me to upgrade early due to poor equipment. Even car dealerships will take the car back after three times in a year. And too boot…they want me to pay over $500 in early termination fees. I already filed a complaint with the FCC. I guess I should just pay the fees and move on…what a way to do business.

  • HBSS
    December 3, 2009 at 2:33 pm

    Anyone from California having trouble with Sprint’s late fees? You’re not alone. California consumers are taking on Sprint for inflated late fees.
    I work with a law firm that is wants to help consumers get their money back from Sprint for late fees. If you’re a Sprint customer in California and have paid a late fee to Sprint, you can contact the law firm to join the suit or learn more about this investigation by visiting http://www.hbsslaw.com/sprint.

  • Jim Nichols
    March 17, 2010 at 9:38 pm

    Sprint Deception:
    Representative lied about the contract that I agreed to sign up for.
    I was promised a certain amount of credits on the account and instead I received a bill for over $600.00 for 4 phones when I only
    ordered two phones. I was not given any credits and was charged full
    price for the phones. I was told I had a 30 day trial time if the
    phone service did not work in my area. I was not happy with the phones and when I received the bill for almost triple the amount I called to try and get it fixed. I spent almost 4 hours on the phone
    and going through at least 10 different people and still did not
    get it resolved. I called the next day to complete my attempt to
    cancel the phones and get a full credit and ended up spending another 4 hours with several different people. Once I thought all
    was resolved, I received an e-mail stating that I activated two more
    accounts that day. At a time I wasn’t even near a phone. I spent
    another 2 hours getting the second account closed out. I have never
    had such a hard time dealing with a company as I have with Sprint/Nextel. At this time I have not seen a resolution.
    Desired outcome:
    I what the company to send me a shipper so I can return the two phones I received.
    Clear and close my account with all bogus charges.
    Return all monies that I have paid by credit card.
    Stop all future fraudulent openings and charges to my account.
    At least Stay to their word and promise of closure and returns.

  • Billy Loi
    April 3, 2010 at 1:42 pm

    Hey Mike,
    Just want to let you know about my frustrations dealing with Sprint and how they have ruined my credit. I am involved in a class action suit against Sprint for fraudulent charges on calls that were never made. I have provided the url where I have filed my complaint.
    This is an outrage for what Sprint has done to me.

  • complaints and consumer complaints
    June 4, 2010 at 4:38 am

    The Service is provided to individuals only and for personal use only. You agree to use the Service only to post (send) and view (receive) personal messages. Any unauthorized commercial use of the Service, or the resale of its services, is expressly prohibited. You agree to abide by all applicable local, state, national and international laws and regulations and are solely responsible for all acts or omissions that occur under your name or email, including the content of your transmissions through the Service. By way of example, and not as a limitation, you agree not

  • gregory hendrix
    October 1, 2010 at 5:29 pm

    To whom it may concern,I have been a sprint customer for 10 years and I recently purchased the new EVO ,I love the phone but there are some things I’d like to see changed on it for starters I would like to see it designed to make the memory card more accesible,I recently went out of the country on vacation and I bought memory cards to put movies and music on and it is very annoying to have to take apart the phone in order to change the memory cards,also I like I said I went out of the country on vacation and I was unable to get service in colombia south america I would really like to see a new design where the memory cards are easier to change and can get service outside the united states however international calling is not as important to me as being able to get to the memory card a little easier,if the EVO is ever upgraded with this design I will be the first to upgrade my EVO sincerly ,gregory hendrix osceola Indiana

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