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The Business Case for IP Transformation: Realizing The Benefits

By: Steve Blackshaw, IP Transformation Product Line Management, Alcatel-Lucent

Significant investments require significant returns. How do companies ensure their benefits are measured, tracked and realized during IP Transformation Programs? 

Success Is Not Guaranteed

Think about the hardest project you have ever delivered. Just think back… that one ‘special project’, the one that spiraled out of control, the one where the requirements kept changing, the one where the objectives kept moving, the one project that would not de-scope, where the tsunami of work was towering over the team, and impossible deadlines were looming. Yes, that one.

Most of us have experienced THAT project. And we probably sat with our colleagues, asking ourselves how a project under such pressure could even exist. Why would the sponsors not revise the scope, refocus the team, or even reinvest the budget elsewhere?

We all know that technical projects can go awry. IT, Networking and Engineering projects – famously 50% overrun on budget, and many are cancelled altogether.

So, what are the figures for complex Transformation Programs?  For Programs where IT, Network, Operations and Engineering are undergoing change simultaneously. With an objective eye, it’s easy to question how any of them actually deliver results. But indeed they do.

But, how, and what can we measure to be certain we are achieving the desired results?

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ISIS Brings Flip-Phone to Crowd-Sourced Cyber-Hacking Fight.

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Six Degrees of Mobile Data Plan Innovation: Third Party Pays
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Overcoming Smart Grid Challenges to Realize Key Benefits
New Revenue Opportunities Possible with the New Conversation Experience
Permission-Based Mobile Marketing Strategies Hold Value for Advertisers, Operators and Consumers
Ensuring the Future of the Smart Grid
SIP CLF Will Simplify Network Management, Call Tracking and Troubleshooting
Identity Shift -- What a New Book says About Us and the Future
Leveraging Social Media to Create Revenue from New Markets
The Future Economy of the Smart Grid
A New Conversation Experience Demands New Go-To-Market Strategies
IPv6 Adoption Demands Clear Service Provider Strategy
The Social Impact of the Future Smart Grid
Neo-Urbanizing India: Inching Towards Prosperity
Yoga Poses for the Network Operator
Creating The New Conversation Experience
Reducing Total Cost of Network Ownership with lightRadio Baseband Processing and Backhauling
Reducing Total Cost of Network Ownership with lightRadio Baseband Processing and Backhauling
Neo-Urbanization of India - The Live Research Journey's Second Leg
Driving DSL Network Performance Excellence with Motive Network Analyzer
The Monetization of Mobile Apps
The "Neo-Urbanization" of India -- Live Research on the Role of Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
Integrated Communications Addresses Smart Grid Challenges for Improving Energy Efficiency
The Evolution of Smart Grid Bandwidth Requirements
Customer Experience Transformation Ensures Satisfaction and Profitability
Service Providers' Digital Media Opportunity: Retailing Applications, e-Books, Games, Music, etc. to Any Connected Device
The 4G LTE Innovation Center at Verizon -- Envisioning and Helping Create the Wireless Future
Enabling Power Suppliers to Make Transformation to Smart Grid
Customer Care in the 4G World
Service Providers Positioned to Benefit from Consumer Interest in Mobile Wallet Services
Transforming M2M Communications via the Cloud
Multi-Screen Video Services Can Help Service Providers Increase Revenue, Reduce Churn
Customer Experience Transformation Strategies Reduce Churn, Increase Profitability
Successfully Monetizing the Digital Media Opportunity: Combining Marketing and Merchandizing with a Superior User Experience
Quality of Experience (QoE) - A New Tool for Measuring Video Streaming Performance
Why Cloud Services are in Most Enterprises' Future
Alcatel-Lucent's Motive Division Wins 4G Contract with Verizon & ServiceView Wins Prestigious Award
Customer Experience? Think Bigger, Act Smarter!
HTTP Adaptive Streaming (HAS) 'Well-Suited' for Mobile When Client Parameters are Optimized
Entrance of Millennials to Today's Workforce Creating Unique Demand for Cloud Services
The Challenges of Evaluating Services as Individual or Collective Customer Experiences
Network Operators Need to Prepare for Booming M2M Traffic
A New Approach to Operational Excellence for MSPs
Leveraging the Network to Successfully Deliver Cloud Services
How Service Providers Can Take On Customer Experience Challenges
Wireless Service Providers Rely on lightRadio to Optimize MIMO Gains on LTE Networks
Future Scenarios of Small Cells Technology Market Opportunities
Delivering a Better Mobile Broadband Customer Experience Influences the Bottom Line
A Cost-Effective, Bluetooth-Focused Approach to Traffic Monitoring
Optimizing LTE Network Performance with SON and Extended SON
Bell Labs Helps Mobile Service Providers to Understand and Meet Video Calling Quality of Experience (QoE) Challenges
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Alcatel-Lucent's 'Digital Life' Delivers on the Promise of a Truly Connected Home
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Alcatel-Lucent, World Education Inc. Launch Program to Provide Life Training Skills to Children in Underserved Communities
The Top Bell Labs Innovations - Part I: The Game-Changers
LTE and the Mobile Backhaul Solution
Cloud Services Offer Winning Solution for SMBs, Service Providers
The Automation in the Driverless Metro Offers a Safe Ride
'Innovating Innovation' at Bell Labs
Machine-to-Machine Technology Cuts Costs, Streamlines Railway Operations
Going Green: Alcatel-Lucent's IMS Solution Improves Eco-Efficiency, Reduces OpEX
Mobile Internet Enabled through White Spaces
Gaming Goes Mobile, Multi-player and into the Cloud
Bell Labs: Alcatel-Lucent's Innovation Engine
Alcatel-Lucent IMS - Eco-Efficiency with New Revenue Opportunities
Mobile Internet: The Opportunity of 'White Spaces'
Service Provider Solutions: Transforming the Customer Experience
Benefit from Converged Wireless IP Management
A Solution to Rogue Traffic in Your Network
The Financial Impact of Content Peering on the Internet Economy
Network Security for Smartphones: Psychological and Economic Considerations
How and Why IPv6 Will Be Used in the Future
Securing IP Communications Requires a Network with a High IQ
Cloud Solutions Can Give Network Service Providers the Tools to Compete
Success Depends on the Customer Experience Transformation
Give Me Captivating Conversation, Not Captive Communications
Creating Success by Transforming Customer Experiences
Internet of Things: Opportunities in Machine-to-Machine Communications
Accelerating the Positive Impact of Mobility in Developing Nations
Achieving LTE Transformation and Reduced OPEX through Wireless Network Optimization
Enabling Enterprise Opportunities with Smart Sensors
Creating a Smart Grid Using Advanced Communications Technology
Keeping Current with Technology Imperative to Quality, Profitability
Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs, WEF-TIGAC Study: Increased Mobile Access can Accelerate GDP Growth in Developing Countries
Multiscreen Video: Catching the Online Wave
End-to-end LTE Opens Doors to New Business Models
Innovation Key to Mitigating Effects of Urbanization: GII Report
Case Studies Demonstrate Application Enablement
LTE and Public Safety - Alcatel-Lucent Shows the Way
Alcatel-Lucent's Optism Enables Mobile Providers to Drive Revenue Through Personalized Experiences
Alcatel-Lucent Recognized for Breakthrough Data Center Switching Solution
Delivering Next Generation Multimedia Residential Services
Optismâ„¢ Creates Mobile Advertising Success for Volkswagen, Nissan and adidas
High Leverage Networks: How and Why
Want to Drive Smartphone Success? Focus on the Customer Experience
Small Cell Technology Solutions Help Wireless Service Providers Succeed in Challenging Market
Wireless Providers Using Cloud to Deliver Multi-Screen Services for Content Providers, IPTV Operators and Multimedia Players
Experiencing TV Everywhere: Taking Television to the Internet and Beyond
Alcatel-Lucent Enables Intelligent Traffic Management
Alcatel-Lucent Demonstrates the Power of Moving Any G to LTE
Alcatel-Lucent: Providing Solutions to Take TV Everywhere
Understanding the Benefits and Limitations of TCP
TV Everywhere Allows TV Distributors to Capitalize on Subscriber Potential
Driving the Change to LTE: Consumers Demanding Advanced Capabilities
Mobile Operators Find White Knight in Femtocell Technology
Alcatel-Lucent Delivers Robust Infrastructure Solutions to Enable Mobile Banking Services
Alcatel-Lucent Drives LTE/4G Development for Advanced Service Delivery
Transforming to a High Leverage Network involves Four Main Areas of Focus
Alcatel-Lucent: Developing ICT Innovations for Global Change
Making the Impossible, Possible - In the Palm of Your Hand
Alcatel-Lucent Offers Innovative Solutions to Empower ICT Industries to Drive Economic and Environmental Change
Why Social Media Services are Critical for Communication Service Provider Revenues
Service Providers Can Deliver Today's Business Customer Needs with Alcatel-Lucent's Business Networking Services
IMS from End-to-end
Online Video Driving Demand for Multi-screen Services
Alcatel-Lucent Showcasing New lightRadio Product Family at UITP World Congress
Telepak Networks Picks Alcatel-Lucent to Offer Wireless Ethernet Backhaul Solution
Key Principles of 'Operational Excellence' for Service Providers: QoE, End Users and Business Silo Integration
Mobile Service Providers Need to Capitalize on Green Energy Strategies
How to Improve Employee Access to Productivity Tools and Applications
How Service Providers Can Increase Profits from Mobile Data Services
Proactive Service Assurance: Why Quality of Experience Matters
Using IMS to Develop and Deliver Better Mobile Applications and Services
Alcatel-Lucent Helps Bring Energy Metering to Pennsylvania
Optimizing Mobile Broadband Profits through Enhanced Customer Care
Alcatel-Lucent, PowerTrunk Partner on North America's First TETRA LMR Trial for NJ Transit
Alcatel-Lucent, Vodafone Germany Collaborate on Comprehensive Enterprise Communication Solution for Mid-Sized Organizations
How Can Small Cell APIs Help Service Providers Create New Revenue Opportunities?
How Can Outsourcing Operations Improve Network Performance While Reducing Costs?
IMS VoIP the Best Method to Help Operators Realize LTE's Potential
MWC Panel Session Assembled by Alcatel-Lucent Explores Communications and Culture
Alcatel-Lucent to Demonstrate Power of the LTE Connected Car
Simplifying Staff Workflow via a Single Virtual Resource Pool
Creating Differentiated Applications and Services for LTE Networks
Flexible, Yet Integrated Customer Engagement Strategies via eServices Solutions
Using Video to Reduce Costs and Improve Collaboration in the Enterprise
How to Drive Exceptional Customer Experiences Using Web 2.0
Best Practices for Monetizing New Telco Applications
Service Providers Challenged to Deliver Next Gen Services to Wide Range of Devices
How Smart Desk Phones Are Revolutionizing Enterprise Communications
Alcatel-Lucent: Consumers Want Access to Same Content on Any Screen, Around the Clock
Improve Visibility into Operations Using Business Activity Monitoring Tools
Alcatel-Lucent: Market 'More than Ready' for Multi-screen Services
Knowing the Value of Your Network Capabilities
How Smart Metering Technology Can Help Enterprises Lower Energy Consumption
The High Cost of Failing to Meet Customer Expectations
The Eternal Challenge for Wireless Providers: Ensuring Quality with Wildly Fluctuating Bandwidth
How Can Service Providers Benefit from the Healthcare Revolution?
Mobile Payments Opening Up Huge Opportunities for Service Providers
Operators Must Seize Key Vertical Market Opportunities
Bridging 2G, 3G and 4G Network Capabilities via LTE
Six Core Business Models for Application and Content Provider Collaboration
ACPs' Growing Role in the Mobile Data Experience
Creating and Managing a Single Virtual Resource Pool to Simplify Staff Workflow
How Can Service Providers Improve Service Delivery by Leveraging Application Enablers?
Service Providers Gain Edge with Multimedia Smartloading
Expose Network Capabilities to Facilitate Innovation on a Smart Network
Creating New Revenue Ecosystems by Leveraging M2M Generated Data
Content is King - For Multi-Screen Advertisers, Too
Alcatel-Lucent's New Ethernet Switch Outperforms Enterprise Core Market
Real-Time Visibility of Performance and Productivity Empowers Employees
Leverage Communication APIs to Create High Value Enterprise Service and Web 2.0 Application Mash-ups
Top 5 Aspects of Customer Engagement: How They Create Brand Loyalty
Alcatel-Lucent TechZine, Web 2.0-Style Magazine Launched
Best Practices for Improving Network Monitoring and Management
Integrated Social Media Strategies Can Help Enterprises Optimize Marketing and Customer Service Initiatives
How Can Enterprises Utilize Business Communication Solutions to Improve Their Bottom Line?
The Move to LTE Helps Companies Meet their Wireless Demands
Best Practices for Using an Intelligent Infrastructure to Simplify your Network
Mashups and Web 2.0: Inventing a New Breed of Web Apps: COM 2.0
New Alcatel-Lucent Book Outlines Opportunities in Intelligent Networks, Web 2.0
Utilizing Mobile Smartloading to Offload Peak-Time Bandwidth Demand
How Can You Reduce Network Costs by Migrating to an IP Infrastructure
What Role Should Service Providers Play in Cloud Computing?
Using Multi-Vendor Managed Services to Create a Single Point of Accountability
Best Practices for Using On-Demand QoS Upgrades to Improve Network Utilization and Efficiency
IP-Enabled Energy Distribution: Using Smart Utilities to Drive Eco-Efficiencies
Best Practices for Securely Exposing Network Assets
Content is King: Choosing the Right Partner Ecosystem to Create High Value Multimedia Services
Monetizing the Multimedia Value Chain
Why Brands Will Pay More for Interactive Advertising
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Alcatel-Lucent Demonstrates Power of 100G with Softbank Telecom
Using Managed Services to Improve Competitiveness
Smart Buildings: The Time is Right
Digital Advertising Creates New Revenue Opportunities for Network Providers
Multimedia Integration Services Have New Micro-architecture of the MSFT Media Room IPTV Offer
Alcatel-Lucent to Host 100G Press Conference
Reduce OPEX While Improving QoS with Self Organizing Networks
Alcatel-Lucent Offers New HLN Website
Top Ways that Self Organizing Networks Drives Network Efficiencies
SON Operations Explained in Alcatel-Lucent Paper
Partnership with BT Leverages Alcatel-Lucent's High Leverage Network Services
IP Transformation Enables Network Operators to Maximize Market Opportunities
Outsourced Network Management Helps to Secure a Responsive Network
Mobile Advertising Product Helps Mobile Operators Find Growth Opportunities
LifeSize Joins Alcatel-Lucent Alliance and Application Partner Program
Multimedia Consumption Increasing, Drives IP Network Change
Technical Challenges and Business Opportunities in Mobile Data
Open API Opens Doors, Drives Innovation
IT and Telecom Convergence with Alcatel-Lucent and HP
New Multimedia Solutions Released by Alcatel-Lucent
Alcatel-Lucent Brings Genesys and Enterprise Together Through Dynamic Enterprise Vision
Alcatel-Lucent's ng Connect Program Names New Members
The Impact of Instant Access on Go-to-Market Strategies
Next Generations Conference to be Held This Month
Streamlining the Challenges of a Multi-Vendor Network
Network Providers Can Monetize Subscriber Data Within the Advertising Ecosystem
Bucking the Status Quo
Keeping Pace with User Needs: Five Trends for Telco Providers
Network Providers and Partners: A Perfect Marriage
Hey Network Operator: Wanna Focus on Strengths, Partner?
A New Opportunity for Network Operators
Changing Strategies with Open Development
Open Development Platforms Offers Options
Alcatel-Lucent Gaining Contact Center Market Share
Alcatel-Lucent Scores Another Key LTE Win in the U.S
Five Ways to Boost Revenue in a Changing Wireless World
Alcatel-Lucent Increases its Research Capabilities in Dublin
Shifting Strategies to Fulfill Wireless Experiences, Demand
Open API Establishes New Relationship Between Network Providers, Third-Party Partners
Open API Marries Developers, Service Providers to Same Value Chain
Driving Global Eco-Sustainability through ICT Innovation
Check out the Open API Application Gallery!
Mobile Apps to Thrive with Open API
Alcatel-Lucent Helps Lay Foundation for Relationships between Developers and Service Providers
The Green Touch Initiative from Bell Labs: A New Shade of Green IT
Smart Choices: Establishing a Solid Foundation for an Effective, Future-Ready Smart Metering System
The Key Benefits of Managing Security at a Network Level vs. a Device Level
Transforming ICT for Sustainable Telecom Applications and Services
Top 5 Attributes of a Strategic Managed Services Provider
The Eco-benefits of Green IT for the Dynamic Enterprise
Take the Quiz to See How Dynamic Your Enterprise Is
Using IVR systems as a competitive advantage
Best practices for cost effectively supporting the explosion of intelligent applications and wireless devices
How Outsourced Network Management Will Help You Take Control of Your Business Transformation
A Focus on Eco-Sustainability from Alcatel-Lucent
Embarking on 2010 as a Trusted, Dynamic Enterprise
Delivering the Dynamic Enterprise
Open API a Goldmine, 'Win-Win' for All Involved
Collaborative Security: Shifting the Security Paradigm to Create Innovative Enterprise Security Solutions
Using communications to reduce climate change impact
How can the Telecom sector use applications and services to enable other industries and consumers reduce their impact on the environment?
Technical, product leadership and the ability to test solutions prior to deployment: Why these attributes are key for LTE deployments
How can I enable a single, unified sign on for my customers across multiple screens?
Key Factors Driving the Need for a Comprehensive Security Blueprint
Leveraging Strategic Collaboration to Enhance Network Operations and Service Offerings
A look at the future: Re-defining the communications partner ecosystem
Best practices for managing events, policy and traffic on your network
Top Benefits of Web 2.0 and Cloud Computing in a Business Environment
Enabling the Application & Content Provider: Collaboration for Innovation
Alcatel-Lucent Turns Focus to Green IT, Launches Eco-Sustainability Site
Competition vs. Collaboration: Strategies for New Revenue Generation
What is the impact of new IP applications on wireless networks?
Top Attributes of an Enterprise Network Transformation Partner
Speeding Evolution to Stay Competitive - The Right Blend of Network Bandwidth and Speed During LTE Migration
Top 10 Ways to 'Free Your Network' and Successfully Work with Third Parties
Leveraging Multi-industry Ecosystems to Speed Service Innovation
Using Ecosystems to Drive New Revenue and Innovation
Using Multimedia Content Management Solutions to Drive New Revenue While Increasing QoE
Driving Innovation Through Multi-Industry Ecosystems
Best Practices for Managing and Maintaining a Multi-Vendor Network
How the Recession is Impacting Consumer Spending on Network-based Services
Best Ways to Use the Content Management Enabler to Serve Multiple Devices and Screens
Speed Introduction of New Intelligent Applications and Time to Revenue
Alcatel-Lucent's "Enriching Communications" - The State of the LTE Market
Best Practices for Improving Time to Market of New Products and Services
Alcatel-Lucent's touchatag Announces Urban Game Challenge for Developers
Lowering Network Costs While Increasing Your Broadband Footprint
Alcatel-Lucent Launches "Enriching Communications" e-Zine
Best Practices for Optimizing Subscriber Migration and QoE During Transition from Legacy to LTE Networks
Evolve to a More Stable Business Model and Create New Revenue Opportunities
Green IT - Increase Eco-Sustainability in a Converged Communications Environment
Enhance Network Relevance to Strengthen Customer Relationships
How to increase network value using 3rd party partnerships
Best practices for prioritizing next generation services that customers are willing to pay a premium for
How can I minimize the risk of new investments while increasing my network bandwidth, capacity and speed?
How to Select Energy Efficient Ethernet Devices
Identifying Key Areas for Next Generation Advertising Opportunities
Enhance and Prioritize Personalization with Contextually Aware Applications
Best Practices for Managing OPEX in Today's Challenging Climate
How Can I Leverage the ng Connect Program to Accelerate My Ecosystem Development and Create Sticky Services?
Address Legacy Network Phase-out While Developing Solutions from Embedded Network Assets
Which Web 2.0 Services End Users Want and Are Willing to Pay For
Create an Optimal Partner Ecosystem for Delivering New Services and Applications
Monetizing Web 2.0
Building a Dynamic Enterprise and Increasing Operational Sustainability Through Green IT
Service Provider Strategies for a Recession and Beyond
Alcatel-Lucent's touchatag Cited for Innovation in RFID Space
NTT Docomo Moving to LTE with Alcatel-Lucent
Broadband Dependency Creates Bright Future for Multi-Solution Vendors
AT&T Extends Relationship with Alcatel-Lucent for U-verse Delivery
Today's Wireless Networks Built for Tomorrow
Alcatel-Lucent Teams with HP to Deliver Truly Integrated Communications Solutions
Alcatel-Lucent Provides Triple Play Capabilities for KDN
3G is Still Coming, but LTE is Already Here
Network Operators Can't Forget Backhaul
Alcatel-Lucent Continues Fixed Broadband Growth
Next Generation Communications for Next Generation Resort
WiMAX or LTE, Alcatel-Lucent Says the Choice is Yours
Multi-Screen, the Next Generation Unified Communications Experience
Next Generation Self-Sustainable Wireless Networking
Mobile Operators Have to Get Personal
Delivering the Future with LTE
Alcatel-Lucent Maintains Outlook
Rich Tehrani: ng Connect Interview
Alcatel-Lucent Tops IPTV Market Report for Access, Middleware
Alcatel-Lucent Subsidiary Earns JITC Certification
Citizen Media Project Results
Alcatel-Lucent Joins RSA Secured Partner Program
Genesys Announces Customer Innovation Award Winners
Genesys on Datamonitor's Shortlist
On Earth Day, Alcatel-Lucent Highlights Eco-Awareness Campaign
Alcatel-Lucent: Some Thoughts on Rich Communications Manager
Alcatel-Lucent Checks In With Next-Generation Hospitality Deployment
ng Connect Expansion Nets Four New Members
touchatag: Changing The Way We Consume, Share Media
Alcatel-Lucent Blends CDMA, LTE in Same Base Station
Alcatel-Lucent Announces Rich Communications Platform
On Optimizing Wireless Networks
Exploring The IPTV Opportunity
Service Providers Continue Outsourcing Trend
Managed Unified Communications
RFID Opportunity Grows
touchatag Gives Application Developers Opportunity to Innovate
China Unicom Chooses Alcatel Lucent Shanghai Bell for Next-Gen Wireless
BASE Jumping in the Benelux
Alcatel-Lucent Brings Next-Gen Communications to Emerging Markets
More Good News for Alcatel-Lucent
Alcatel-Lucent Delivers Service Enablement Platform
Alcatel-Lucent Exec Sees Return To Profitability
Alcatel-Lucent Enables WiMAX Deployment in Spain
Alcatel-Lucent Sees IP PBX Growth
Alcatel-Lucent in the LTE Spotlight
touchatag Enhances the Event Experience
ng Connect Initiative Creates Opportunity
The Digital Hospital is no Longer a Dream
Genesys Acquisitions Target Productivity Growth, Cost Reduction
Infonetics: ALU Among Top Mobile WiMAX Vendors
Change is Good, Enriching Even
Multi-Screen = Mega Opportunity
ALU Enables Operators in Mobile TV Race
China 3G Market Can Still Be Huge Opportunity
Alcatel-Lucent Remains a Fixture in Fixed Broadband Access
Mendocino County Selects ALU
ALU Enables Blackberry Launch in Vietnam
ALU In TD-SCDMA Pact With China Mobile
Alcatel-Lucent to Focus on LTE
ALU Announces Strategic Vision for 2009 and Beyond
ALU Earns Spot in Leaders Quadrant
ALU Wins Femtocell Deal From Chunghwa Telecom
ALU Subsidiary Provides Custom App for U.S. Navy
Base Stations' Affect on Backhaul
Telecom New Zealand Chooses Alcatel-Lucent for IP MPLS
ALU Expands China Telecom Network
Estonia: ALU Helps Elion Deliver Triple Play
Rich Tehrani Welcomes Next Generation Communications Community
Beyond Cost Savings: Leveraging VoIP for Innovation
In Tough Economy, Innovation Holds the Key
Welcome to the Next-Generation Communications Blog
ALU, BT Extend Services Pact
North Africa to See Enterprise Voice & Data
UK Broadband Feeling Recession Effects
Laptop Guardian Security Solution Goes Global
In-Stat: Global Broadband Enjoys Growth
Advancing Broadband Deployment
Wireless Growth News
Scots Want Next-Gen Communications Networks
Is ALU Pursuing Openreach?
Is Business Ready for the Millenials?
Testing for Optimal DSL Performance
ALU: Leaders in Gartner's Magic Quadrant

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