ITEXPO West 2008 Microsoft Keynote

X.D. Huang General Manager of Microsoft gave a very interesting keynote where he first focused on the many things coming out of Microsoft Labs — in particular — an interface which mixes real objects with virtual ones. Using cameras on your desk the system is able to recognize gestures, etc. This technology is not necessarily new for Microsoft — but it is the first time I have seen this demo. One interesting thing XD showed is a bouncing virtual ball which bounced off real objects on the desk.

There was also a telepresence demo with a virtual roundtable which allows participants on a call to see each other directly — I beleive it recognizes head movements and uses multiple monitors. As you might imagine, the system is scalable and operates seamlessly with Microsoft collaboration software.

One other point worth noting is that XD repeated how the software industry went from vertical to horizontal and the companies who did not realize this change didn’t make it through. He also mentioned there will be some big announcements tomorrow at the show.


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