Infobip Conversations, an Automated Omnichannel Cloud Contact Center Solution with Chatbot Support

Many of us have experienced the challenge of dealing with numerous messaging and collaboration platforms such as Zoom, Slack, Skype, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, iOS Messages, SMS, email, etc.

Certainly, it would be nice to have a single interface to deal with it all.

Especially if you are a company where you have to deal with many of the above as well as Facebook, Twitter, Web chat and more.

To solve this challenge, Infobip has launched Conversations, a new omnichannel contact center solution that connects the world’s most popular messaging channels and provides businesses with the necessary data to seamlessly communicate with customers on multiple channels, using one simple interface. Conversations also provides a 360 view of the customer, allowing agents to identify cross-selling and up-selling opportunities while improving customer satisfaction.

Support agents can use Conversations to communicate with customers across several channels (SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or a number of other channels), while receiving background information and an order history simultaneously. Conversations also uses automation and chatbots in order to optimize the customer experience and find the right solutions with as little friction as possible.

In a recent conversation with Yuri Fiaschi, VP of Global Sales he told us the company is 16 years old, they had 100 billion interactions on their platform last year and they are looking to grow 50% year over year. In some markets, the company competes with Twilio but unlike the venture-backed Silicon Valley company, they started by connecting villagers in Croatia. It’s a pretty amazing story.

The company recently opened a 5,000 square foot U.S. headquarters located in Jersey City, New Jersey. The company has recently hired 16 employees to work out of their U.S. headquarters. They plan to double their employee base in Jersey City by the end of the year and are currently hiring for roles in sales and marketing.

“Jersey City has become a rising tech hub and its proximity to multiple carriers based in New Jersey is key for us,” said Yuri. “Infobip has recently become Tier 1 in the American market, which means it is fully connected with the major wireless carriers. We are now looking forward to becoming an active member in the local community once we can physically be in our office. With that said, we are still impacting the community in a positive manner by generating new jobs and providing support for government and healthcare institutions during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Conversations is designed to enable companies to:

  • Empower agents with automation: Slow response rates or having to repeat yourself as you’re passed from agent to agent leads to frustrated customers, low levels of loyalty and high drop off rates. By being able to set up rules and automate workflows, customers are routed to the right or same agent if it is a return visit, faster – leading to more productive agents and happier customers.
  • Give agents the context they need: Agents will be able to access customer data from CRM systems, web shop, ticketing, and loyalty programs systems – with the added context of customer sentiment – all in one place. This enables them to deliver personalized and contextualized support.
  • Manage cross-channel conversations: Seamlessly transition customer conversations between channels, while retaining a full conversation history, so agents can respond to questions with ease – whether it’s a text or a WhatsApp message – straight from a single workspace.
  • Improving remote agent performance through analytics: Analytics enables managers to track customer activity, monitor agent performance with real-time dashboards and reporting to identify obstacles impacting agent productivity. Using this data, managers can identify any challenges and make the necessary adjustments to optimize working practices or workloads for improved overall performance and CX.

Conversations can also be used in conjunction with Answers, Infobip’s chatbot building platform that enables companies to build, test, and deploy artificial intelligence and keyword-based chatbots. These chatbots can then be managed via Conversations, leaving agents with more time to focus on resolving complex queries. Contact center managers will be able to monitor all interactions exchanged between bots and customers in real-time, ensuring that any difficult conversations are transferred to human agents. 

The Conversations platform has been refined and optimized during an early access period, where Infobip worked with select businesses across the world to ensure Conversations will help them improve the contact center. A global consumer goods company owning leading brands in tea, ice cream and soaps has already launched a new product line with the help of Conversations – running a conversational campaign in Brazil over WhatsApp Business. 

Adrian Benic, VP Product at Infobip, said: “Today’s customers expect to be able to contact a business at any time, from anywhere, and on the channel of their choice. Conversationshelps brands provide this while ensuring they improve the customer experience through contextual conversations.”

He continued, “Many businesses are striving to deliver an unmatched customer experience but struggle to transition between the variety of channels and technologies on the market. Conversations brings these elements into one accessible platform allowing companies to deliver the very best customer experience while reducing costly inefficiencies. The launch of Conversations forms part of our goal at Infobip – to help businesses simplify the complexity of global messaging and enable them to interact with customers in a personalized way without friction.”

Certainly messaging overload is a major problem facing growing organizations and Infobip’s approach will help many of them get a better handle on communications with customers as well as new prospects.

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