Jabra Responds To Evolving Workplace with Engage 65, 75

After exhaustive interviews with 400 call center professionals and IT administrators, Jabra set out to design headsets for the evolving workplace. Respondents told them, automation was handling the easy tasks leaving the higher value phone calls to be handled by agents. 

Also, as rents have climbed, office spaces have gotten smaller and noisier. Open office environments certainly have to be an issue as well. The survey also showed agents need to be more mobile… They need to duck into huddle rooms for higher value conversations. Especially in fields like finance and real estate.

Other factors which came up were the need for stereo quality, light weight, comfort, limited clamping force (so they don’t feel like a vice on your head) soft cushions, customizability and finally durability.

Interruptions were also an issue – respondents wanted others to know when they were talking.

In an exclusive interview, Steve Boyle and Karl Bateson explained how they reacted to the needs of the market.

Engage line up AC 300dpi.jpg

The Engage 65 starts around $350 and has 13 hours of battery, 490 foot range, and can connect to two different devices. The Engage 75 Convertable (on the right) is super lightweight and feels like a piece of jewelry based on our close inspection. It has 330 foot range, nine hours of talk time and can connect to up to five devices. There is also the non-convertible Engage 75 with 13 hours of battery and 490 feet of range. They all have quick charge technology allowing them to be topped off at lunch. They also have an activity light, alerting others to your status to hopefully reduce interruptions while on a call.

Jabra Engage 75 Stereo_Male and female_CMYK_large.jpg

One of the benefits of these devices is a proprietary chipset which allows three times the density of traditional DECT devices. This allows companies to justify the cost of the headsets in reduced rent expenses and also doubles as an interference insurance policy.

Management software allows firmware updates to be pushed to all devices and they are compatible with Skype for Business. There is also an SDK if customization is needed.

The bottom line is these new engage devices are designed to work with evolving workspaces with tighter quarters and far more noise. All this, while increasing comfort and call quality.

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