Omilia Conversational AI Expands into Cloud

Omilia is a software company focusing on customer service automation. They have an AI system commercially deployed at large scale. They handle 100% of Royal Bank of Canada’s traffic with a fully conversation voice assistant.

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They provide on-premise and cloud solutions – with the latter becoming more strategic, thanks to customer requests. “Big, gorilla enterprises are going cloud first,” said Dimitris Vassos, CEO (above).

“We are 160 people now and 60 people last year, we are in vertical takeoff,” said Dimitris.

“We are not a start-up, we have mature management and are self-funded.” Said Dimitris. “We have always delivered to market,” he says. We aren’t about AI hype.”

The platform named DiaManT has speech rec, biometrics, IVR and NLP built-in. “We have a complete suite the customer needs to be successful with zero third-party components.”

They are working with banks, healthcare companies and insurance and typically these call centers have five million or more calls.

Their biggest competitors are Google, Amazon, IBM and Nuance.

ls for simple app building but as you get to a level where you can work in a bank, you need PCI compliance and a lot more complicated features.

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Quinn Agen, Business Development Director (above) said “If you go around and ask for references cases studies of conversational solution in a call center with 70-80 million calls a year, no one has done it.” “Except for us,” added Quinn.

You need 90-95% semantic accuracy to work in a call center for anything beyond a simple online flowers application explained Quinn.

Dimitris explains that they like to be put in a bake-off situation where they typically do well.

“The cloud is an accelerator, allowing a project which used to take 18 months to six months,” said Dimitris. “For industries which have been pretrained, such as insurance, healthcare, etc., we can deploy very quickly,” He added.

“It’s almost like a cut and paste,” he exclaimed.

This also scales fantastically for SMBs he said – like credit unions, he offered.

We are working on partnerships with Twilio, RingCentral and others he explained.

We want to tap into tier 2, not just big gorillas.

The bottom line is this technology which has been perfected in large companies is now available to smaller companies thanks to cloud.

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