Serenova Integrates WFO, Focuses on AI, Integrations, User Experience and More

You likely know of Serenova as the award-winning cloud contact center solution that is used around the globe – in places like Australia and industries, like banking and mortgages. They have over 1,300 customers, more than 340 thousand seats and are in a total of 54 countries.

In an exclusive interview with Erin Hanley, Michelle Burrows and Leslie Blanke, they told me their big push is towards unification. The contact center and WFO are now better integrated.

They explained this unification gives management more meaningful and actionable information and agents are now able to deliver superior customer experiences.

We know you hear it a lot and it is a cliche but they now offer a single pane of glass view into the works of the contact center. One admin interface, unified reporting, etc.

“There is lots of consolidation and M&A happening, to get to market quickly,” Exclaimed Leslie. ” Our approach is different. We are more centered around providing a unified experience, more than just 3rd party unifications.”

He said they are working on releasing speech transcription, analytics and NLP.

The company is expanding into dialers – first preview and then progressive. They think they can provide a better solution than what’s available today. They plan to elegantly approach dialer improvement and increase efficiency through the use of AI. They have other future AI uses planned for the platform, as well.

In addition, they allow calls to sit natively with carriers – providing command and control. This provides lower cost and latency as well as better quality. In 2020 they will provide a BYOC solution – the “C” meaning carrier.

They are also working on their webchat – expect improvements soon. This will extend to social channels as well. They also have a strong focus on handling data residency requirements allowing companies to comply with local regulations in the EU and elsewhere.

They have also developed an API-first platform – allowing development on top of the platform.

The company has a number of Marque customers we are not allowed to share. A top chocolate company, top digital payments company, a top transportation app/service, top cybersecurity company, etc.


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