Airline CRM

You I don’t mean to complain about the airlines and unless I have a terrible experience somewhere I hate to specify the company name in a derogatory fashion. So suffice it to say I am sitting here — well actually standing since there are no seats, and 20 minutes before the flight is supposed to take off I find out the flight is delayed by an "estimated" 45 minutes.
Now I am not a flight or airline or airport expert but one would imagine if a flight is delayed 45 minutes the airline should know about this more than 20 minutes before takeoff.
In fact I am an advocate of some bold airline somewhere offering some money back if a flight is delayed within 3 hours of departure time.
I continually rush to get on flights — because the airlines will give away my seats if I am not 15 or so minutes early! The airlines on the other hand are able to be as late as they like with zero accountability.
You see I get the feeling the airlines have to know in advance about many delays but in their eyes, their time is more important than the customer’s time. In reality the airline’s time is much much less important than mine. That is my feeling and there is no way to change it. I haven’t surveyed other passengers to get a consensus on this issue but the customer always comes first and most airlines just don’t seem to see it that way.

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