Concerto and Time Warner

Time Warner Cable is an interesting company in that they are decentralized to some degree in their management and autonomous regional groups decide how to manage their divisions. Having said that, the Charlotte, NC Division of the company has selected Concerto Software’s EnsemblePro for its inbound and outbound contact center implementations. They will utilize the software for outbound sales and collections.

As an enhancement to Concerto EnsemblePro, Time Warner Cable is also implementing, LYRICall , a scripting design tool that helps agents navigate through calls. LYRICall gives Time Warner agents real-time access to multiple data sources through a single view, enabling them to easily access the information they need to conduct successful customer interactions. The LYRICall Script Flow Tool enables administrators to build and deploy scripts to guide agents through calls and call flows, allowing agents to more quickly handle calls and provide a higher-quality experience for Time Warner’s customers.

Here is an excerpt from a press release. My favorite part of this excerpt is where Time Warner tells us they want to have customers repeat their information less often. Thankfully a large company such as Time Warner Telecom is seeing the light and I hope that their embracing of better CRM practices rubs off on other companies in the country – and world forthat matter.

"Our focus at Time Warner Cable is to ensure that our customers are satisfied and that their cable needs are being met," said Richard Brashear, director of TeleSales for Time Warner Cable/Charlotte Division. "With Concerto EnsemblePro, we will have more functionality in the telemarketing and collections, including a desktop browser, blended outbound and inbound capabilities, as well as call recording and agent audio options. All of this allows us to achieve quicker collections, increased sales and provide superior customer service."
Time Warner Cable collections agents will use the blended call and routing functionality of Concerto EnsemblePro to handle inbound calls. In addition, the telesales group will use the predictive dialer functionality to add incremental business from existing customers, while the collections department will use Concerto EnsemblePro to initiate calls reminding customers when payments are late.

Concerto EnsemblePro unites inbound, outbound and blended multi-channel contact (voice, email, web and fax), while delivering robust queuing, routing, reporting and agent empowerment capabilities in a single solution. Built from the ground up to scale from 10 to thousand’s of seats, Concerto EnsemblePro helps increase agent productivity through automated dialing and real-time access to customer information, while offering a higher level of service by providing consistent messaging through agent scripting and improves the customer experience by not asking them to constantly repeat information.

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