Dell Dissatisfaction

Jeff Jarvis’ BuzzMachine blog seems to have become the place where Dell bashing can be done by a group of people who feel they have been treated poorly by the computer leader. Here is a single post from the blog and a search on a variety of Dell posts.

I wonder if this sort of public dissatisfaction with Dell is one of the reasons that MPC Computers is having so much success with their ad campaign that touts the fact that MPC agents are based in the US.

In addition to this blog entry about MPC Computers I wrote an extensive article with an interview of a top MPC executive in the September issue of Customer Interaction Solutions magazine. If you don’t get this publication, you can subscribe to this free magazine here.

  • sandy barnett
    May 18, 2006 at 12:34 pm

    How can one get any satisfaction from Dell. I have spent more that 5 hr on the phone with Dell just this past week. I feel that have sold me a lemon. Dealing with people in support who can’t speak english. Dealing with ineptitude at every turn. I can’t imagine the CEO/BOD actually sees Dell have ‘Good’ customer service. The Techs that the sent were just and inept as call support. I am in searching today to find a way to email or send a letter to Kevin or his BOD

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