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As you may recall I am speaking at the Black Point Inn today at a call center performance optimization seminar. When I embarked upon this location I entered it in my GPS and was off — or so it would have been in a perfect world.

When I looked for the city of Prouts Neck, Maine, my GPS decided it would not cooperate. No amount of cajoling would allow me to enter my final destination without a city that the system would recognize.

Did I give up? No way. I love Maine and rarely get to come here. Maine is such a clean and pristine state. If you love nature and lobsters, this is a great place to live. If not, you may get bored here pretty quickly.

With great skiing and hiking nearby, this is still a pristine and unpolluted nook that is a great vacation spot.

To help me on my way, I made a phone call to Verizon wireless information and discovered that another name for Prout’s Neck is Scarborough. My GPS seemed to like this city name better and I was off and running. Well until I got to where the GPS told me the hotel was. I had to continue about five miles more and past a dead end sign I might add. I was partially concerned I would hit a moose or grizzly bear but I made it OK.

Interestingly I speak all over the US and Canada — I am in Toronto next week actually, but I am not sure I have ever been to such a remote location to present. It seemed like I was driving to the middle of nowhere but once I passed the dead end sign I realized I might be at the end of nowhere.

As I approached the hotel, I began to notice numerous crosswalks. I could not figure out what these crosswalks were for except perhaps the ability to allow people access to a lake or some other body of water.

It seems I was right as I got out of the car, I noticed what appears to be the Atlantic Ocean. It is a very dark night and I can’t wait to see the view in the morning when I present.

The Black Point Inn is gorgeous by the way. Very historic — built in 1878. I am staying in a cottage. Very interesting. I am looking forward to tomorrow with great anticipation.

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