Behold: Satellite Radio 2.0

In my opinion services like Satellite radio and personalized services like Pandora and Slacker are what I would consider Radio 2.0 so I read with interest a piece on Seeking Alpha which discusses Satellite Radio 2.0 which will blend the best of a service like Pandora with satellite technology. Patent #20090320075 filed by XM has a number of really consumer-friendly nuggets in it. Specifically it specifies what I have long considered a dream device – it will listen to multiple streams of satellite, HD and other radio and record content into playlists which it believes will be of interest to me based upon my likes and dislikes.

Basically, a merger of Pandora and TiVo on steroids – tapping into the vast archive of content on satellite, WiFi and elsewhere which could include news and sports.

At this point the realization of these features is speculation as patents don’t always foreshadow real product developments. But when you couple the above with recent comments from Mel Karmazin, CEO of Sirius XM Radio – the pieces fall into place nicely.

Here is an excerpt from the above article:

During the second quarter 2010 Sirius XM conference call, Mel Karmazin introduced the Satellite Radio 2.0 concept and since then it has become the buzz word around the Sirius XM community. When introducing the Satellite Radio 2.0 concept, Mel Karmazin stated:

Our next generation of satellite radios are expected to offer significantly more choices for the consumer and contain functionality that does not exist today in our radios.

The only remaining question is when can I get one (in time for the holidays?) and will the Sirius iPhone app have access to all these features as well? Also, doesn’t the next logical step need to be integration with video? The future definitely looks bright for consumers who love their audio content.

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