Technology and TMC Happenings August 26, 2010

SkyFire Comes to iPhone

I was a huge fan of SkyFire on Windows Mobile as it approximated the iPhone Safari browser on a Windows Mobile device while also supporting Flash. Now it seems this browser is coming to the iPhone and I wonder if Apple will force the company to disable the Flash support to ensure it abides by the company’s rules of not allowing other “programming languages” to run on it.

TMC Communities Continue Growth

Over a decade ago I had the idea that every Web site in the world would need content in the form of articles, audio and video and in order to help customers meet these needs I launched a company called which I eventually decided would make more sense as a series of content-based communities living under TMCnet.

Over the years, I realized this product was the future of media and for a decade TMC has focused on building technology – specifically a proprietary content-targeting-engine which optimizes news and opinion pieces as well as videos for readers who in turn consume the content and help these micro-communities rank high on search engines and social networks.

I just received word that TMC has currently sold 199 of these news-generated communities and we are hiring to accommodate our growth as these custom communities are built and populated. I am fairly certain this is the largest collection of monthly sponsored news-generated communities on the planet. I’d love to hear from you if you believe this isn’t the case.

Once again a major thank you to my readers and of course sponsors  - without you, TMC would be like a tree falling in the woods with no one around to hear it and we are always looking to do whatever it takes to improve our products so you can rely on them when making purchasing decisions. We will likely put out a press release when we hit 200 and you know I like to keep my readers updated ahead of the rest of the world. 🙂

In terms of ITEXPO and related events it has been another solid day.

I can’t recall if I mentioned lately that we are still giving away a car at this show – this year a Mustang Convertible. You have to be present to win Wednesday, October 6, 2010 at 4:45 PM. TMC has been giving away a few cars a year at our trade shows year fairly consistently for about 15 years. Here are the details.

I am not precisely sure the Mustang you win will have the exact options seen in this photo or will be this color. Oh and I am pretty sure the cowboy costs extra

Our new speakers from today are as follows:

MC-03   Roam Free – The Future of Mobile VoIP

Karl Good


Director of Consumer Applications





CCS-16  How Service Providers can Benefit from Cloud Communications


Mark Denny

Senior Product Line Manager of Service Provider




Cloud Communications


SP-11     Meet The New Voice Mail


Felix Gofman


Vice President Sales & Business Development






We released updates on the following events at the show today:

  • SIP Tutorial: Carl Ford sent me a reminder about all the benefits of this session which include learning about SIP messaging, SIP Server types, SIP trunking, UC, security, firewall, NAT issues and more.
  • MPLS University: I just learned there will be giveaways of Amazon gift certificates and Starbucks coffee cards – in addition to well-regarded education on a red-hot subject area.
  • MSP World/ITEXPO – a general information update on these two events.
  • SIP Trunk-UC Summit: A great event with A+ sponsors including Dialogic, Broadvox, Iwatsu, Mitel, ShoreTel, Intertex and the SIP School.
  • Smart Products – Learn all you need to know about mobile health, smart health products, smart autos and smart homes from industry leading companies:
  • Ed Daniels (Moderator)Consultant -Point of Care Partners
  • Wayne Guerra, MD, MBA Chief Medical Officer -Healthagen, LLC
  • Carol Glennon CEO -Renu Mobile
  • Ronald J. Pion MD Clinical Professor -UCLA School of Medicine
  • Robin Wright (Moderator) Partner -MedHealth World
  • Dr. Philip Low Chairman, and CEO -NeuroVigil
  • David O’Reilly Senior VP, Corporate Development -Proteus Biomedical
  • Adam Kaufman Co-founder, COO -DPSHealth
  • Sanjeev Gupta General Manager -Avaya Healthcare Solutions
  • Ralf Hug (Moderator) Consultant
  • Sascha Simon Advanced Product Planning -Mercedes-Benz USA
  • Henry Bzeih Manager, Connectd Car -Kia Motors America
  • Andrew Poliak Co-founder, COO -DPSHealth
  • Sanjeev Gupta Director, Automotive Business Development -QNX Software Systems
  • Jason Rodriguez (Moderator) Director of Research -Zpryme Research
  • Seth Frader-Thompson CEO -EnergyHub
  • Doug Smith Chief Administrative Officer -City of Annapolis
  • Fred Taylor Senior Marketing Manager -Broadcom


We also added two new ITEXPO Exhibitors today:

  • Sansay
  • Strategic Products and Services

Here are two interviews I conducted today with ITEXPO participants:



Jim Dalton


Mykola Konrad

Sonus Networks


Wow – what a day and you wonder why I didn’t have time to deal with my new Sony Dash? I thought I would get to it tomorrow but turns out I have a meeting in New York with Cisco so expect more soon and be sure to make plans for ITEXPO West 2010, Oct 4-6, 2010 in Los Angeles ASAP and we’ll see you there.


  • Tom Keating
    August 27, 2010 at 3:52 pm

    I’m pretty excited that Skyfire is coming.
    Apple can’t disable Skyfire’s Flash abilities. The web content (including Flash) is all proxied on Skyfire’s servers and then transmitted as screen pixels to your device – in this case your iPhone.
    Think of Skyfire as Remote Desktop but for the web.
    Apple isn’t against Flash content on the iPhone – they’re just against having it run directly on the iPhone do to performance & battery issues.
    Skyfire runs in the cloud, so no such issue exists.
    thus, you will get Flash support on the iPhone via Skyfire very soon.
    you can bank on it.

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