Yamaha Brings Audio Expertise to UC

“People don’t always understand the value of audio in meetings,” said Randall Lee, Director Strategic Channel Marketing at Yamaha Corporation when speaking about the company’s UC solutions.

This reminds us… We were once an amateur audiophile ourselves. In the days when we had to drag a diamond over a spinning plastic disc to produce quality tunes. And even back then, we knew about the Yamaha legacy.

They have actually been in the U.S. since 1960 and are in virtually all facets of audio. They started building pianos in 1900 and are still a leader in the space. The brand always stood for premium sound and we have been a fan of many of their products over the years.

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We are digressing a bit but not too much. Some time back, the company bought Revolabs. In a way, this is the merging of the company’s Professional Audio Equipment group started in 1969 with the latest in UC endpoints.

Randall explained quite eloquently that often when installing videoconferencing solutions, IT focuses on the video solution but doesn’t take into account the fact you can have a call without video but not without audio.

He went on to tell me the company has always been about audio capture and feedback and they continue to bring audio innovation to the business space. He said, “From the backpack to the boardroom to the lecture hall to operating theatres in giant spaces.”

In case you missed it, our colleague Paula Bernier recently broke the news about the company’s new YVC-200 Portable Speakerphone.

One differentiator the Japanese leader espouses is a common UI and UE across all devices and platforms with a goal of providing the “best audio out there.”


They will continue to be software-agnostic allowing customers to easily switch conferencing vendors if they choose to. He did mention however they will consider making vendor-specific devices to work with large providers.

We went on to discuss the CS-700 Video Soundbar which has been described as a huddle room powerhouse.

The device has support for USB, bluetooth, NFC and remote management and we can expect a dialer, SIP and DisplayLink support in the future.

For larger conference rooms there is the YAI-1 allowing out-of-the-box installation with wireless microphones and Yamaha audio processing such as DSPs; all integrated into a single solution. This includes PoE speakers.

yamaha innovation center.jpg

The company has a new engineering center in Hamamatsu which they liken to the Bell Labs of audio meaning we can continue to expect leading-edge audio quality from the company. From musical instruments all the way to your huddle and conference rooms and even your auditoriums and concert halls (if applicable).

Learn more about IT and UC at ITEXPO, January 29-February 1st, 2019 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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