Edify Unites Contact Center and Company on a Single Platform

“The purpose of Edify is to build a solution that goes from CEO to developer to call center to unite the entire company on one ecosystem, one platform – regardless of internal or external.” Exclaimed Cameron Weeks, Co-Founder and CEO in an in-person interview.

He said, “There currently isn’t a way to unite these things. Other companies are trying to unite platforms via acquisitions.”

We believe acquisitions aren’t the best way to do this – so we built a platform that unites the entire company in one voice ecosystem from the start he explained.


Cameron said, “We are going after midmarket: fifty to two-thousand employees, with partners to support organizations above or below these numbers. You can expect a partner release soon”

The platform will scale – it’s multitenant, microservices architecture is able to grow to ten-thousand users.

There is also a 100% SLA where you get 10x the contract value for any time in which the system is not functioning explained Cameron.

There is also a usage-based model – per user, per day, making it very predictable. $7/per user per day is the most you pay for contact center functionality. Business users get charged $10/month flat rate.

The workflow tool has omnichannel routing – calls, text messages, social posts, etc. – it can handle intent-based routing, allowing communications with full sentences. If a bot gets confused, it seamlessly moves between humans and chatbots as needed.

It lives in 12 regions in the world – a global platform, with a single global queue, allowing the best agent to handle communications, regardless of location.

In the 1990s, Edify was a call center solution which allowed for infinitely customizable business-logic to be added to any organization. The company was ahead of its time – much of what they were capable of doing is handled today by best-in-breed APIs. Still, it was a fascinating glimpse into the future of tech. It will be exciting to see if today’s Edify will be considered as ground-breaking as its predecessor.

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