Half a Million Hacked Websites

I don’t mean to sound alarmist but half a million hacked websites? is that how many there are? In other words if users hit any of 500,000 sites using IE they will likely be infected? Talk about an electronic pandemic. This is a major problem and very scary.

I know we at TMC have been hit with an SQL injection attack in the past that was not successful. These sorts of attacks seem to constantly propagate and it has to be very scary for companies who have websites but don’t have the technical staff to deal with these issues.

Brian Krebs over at the Washington Post has a very good article with details and thoughts on using FireFox to protect yourself from such websites.

I have met with many security experts over the years and in the last 12 months many have become quite alarmed at the rate of of security breaches and this article encapsulates some of these concerns.

There are still many other vulnerabilities out there and it seems to me that companies in the security consulting business have a bright future

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