Genesys Bought Altocloud Because AI is the Future

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Genesys has completed the acquisition of privately-held Altocloud Ltd., a cloud-based customer journey analytics provider founded and led by CEO Barry O’Sullivan.

We predicted the sale some years back:

“One last comment worth making is I perhaps have never seen an acquisition candidate so perfectly positioned – assuming the company is even moderately successful. The marketing automation and  communications companies will likely look to grow their organizations into the space in the middle so Avaya, Cisco and Marketo are a few to watch. In the end, it seems to me that Oracle followed by Salesforce are the best acquisition candidates. Time will tell but you read it here first.”

Barry told us when he founded this company that “Marketing is eating sales.” He continued, “A nurtured lead is a far better prospect than a cold call.”

From our exclusive interview in 2014:
By categorizing customers into groups, the cloud-based Altocloud solution makes suggestions on which agent would be best to talk with a specific customer at the time they place a call. It’s worth mentioning such calls can be initiated via phone or through WebRTC via an app or the web. Moreover, the solution allows you to track user activity so when they engage with the contact center, the agent knows the journey they took on the website or app to get there.”

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“The acquisition of Altocloud bolsters our ability to optimize and connect the entire customer journey to ensure the best business outcomes,” said Paul Segre, chief executive officer of Genesys. “We are particularly excited by applications, like Altocloud, which give organizations a live lookMerijn te Booij.jpg into consumer behavior and their potential as customers. By empowering employees with this depth of actionable insight, organizations are better positioned than ever to convert shoppers into buyers, leads into customers, and consumers into brand advocates.”

In an in-person interview with Merijn te Booij (pictured), Genesys CMO he told us about the new unified AppFoundry which offers an ecosystem of 200+ pre-built integrations, giving customers time-to-value almost immediately. He said there are currently 1,000 developers and his goal is to get that number to 10,000.

Moreover, the company wants to augment AI with a human touch so the right resource can do the right thing for the customer. Predictive routing is the future and can use an input like a Net Promoter score for better outcomes. 

From our discussion, it is clear, Merijn is looking for Genesys to use AI to leapfrog industry outcomes and success. He concluded, “You can wait… Or you can participate and see where it will bring you.”

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