Thought Leaders Descend Upon ITEXPO

Kind of a silly term- “thought leader” but in every market there are people involved in setting the conversation… Those whose thoughts and ideas permeate the web and industry conversations. “Did you hear what so and so said? Can you believe he thinks this company sells junk products and won’t be around in a year?”

Well you get the idea.

It turns out a number of the people in the market who I have personally followed for some time have joined forces on a blog called Voyces. These are the contributors – I have known most of them for many years.

  • Alec Saunders
  • Jamie Siminoff
  • Larry Lisser
  • Andy Abramson
  • Thomas Howe
  • Luca Filigheddu
  • Jim Courtney

As you may recall, Jamie was a keynote speaker at Startup Camp Communications last year and invented Spinvox/PhoneTag – an invaluable service for converting voicemail to text/email. Larry is a partner in this conference and Andy has been a huge supporter and good friend.

Thomas How is a partner in this week’s Cloud Communications Summit and is a guru of voice mashups/ voice 2.0. Luca is yet another thought leader and serial entrepreneur who lives in Sardinia – a true paradise.

Rounding out the group are Jim and Alec – two other great writers and worth following.

Standing-room-only photo of the first and most-recent Startup Camp event at ITEXPO East 2010 in Miami

Most of this team will be at ITEXPO and collocated events this week in LA and in a must-read post Larry discuss StartupCamp Telephony/Communications:

On Monday night at 5:30, yours truly and my Embrase business partner Phil Telio will host our second installment of StartupCamp Telephony/Communications, a rapid fire, ‘pitch’ event that spotlights five early stage entrepreneurs you may otherwise not get to hear about. Last year, 15 companies applied for one of the pitch slots in Miami. This year, we were slammed with 35 early stage companies doing something innovative using voice, SMS or video in their offerings. This in itself is a statement.

After much debate, we awarded these five companies a shot in front of the crowd:

If you want to read more – and I know you do – here is the link. Enjoy and we’ll see you in LA.

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