Botsify, The Chatbot Company That Doesn’t Require Programming

The growth of the chatbot market will continue its meteoric rise to $5.63 billion by 2023. We consider chatbots to be part of the future of work – allowing artificial intelligence and machine learning augment staff – in this case to aid prospects and customers.

Botsify is a chatbot tool which enables you to build website chatbots, Slack chatbots, or Facebook Messenger chatbots.

Usama Noman, Founder and CEO

In an exclusive interview with Usama Noman, Founder and CEO, he told us his company’s solutions allows an organization to build rapid chatbots. The way they do this is by allowing the chatbot to ingest the FAQ. With no programming required.

The solution can also work with CRM systems – there is an API… Zapier can be used as well to integrate with other applications.

He said it takes 15-16 days to learn the features of the platform – you can also have the Botsify team customize the solution for you.

We asked Usama about the ability to have a bot conversation trasfer to an agent and back. He explained this is determined by the customer – some want this functionality and others do not.

Pricing is straightforward – amazingly so in fact. There are just two plans… The basic at $50 per month or fully managed at $300 per month.

A trial is free if you want to give the Future of Work a whirl.

You can also try some examples if you’d like:

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