VoiceOps gets $9M For AI-Powered Sales and Future of Work

VoiceOps is a transcript-based call center coaching and training solution which uses AI. We consider it to be a Future of Work solution as it merges the best of AI and people to make the latter more efficient and productive.

The company’s mission is to provide easy access to customer conversations and make voice data queryable. Their product analyzes the content of sales and support conversations and generates insights on phrases that maximize successful outcomes.

There is an interesting story about call centers we’ve never told. When the category was first invented in the 1980s, we at TMC published the first magazine in the space. It focused 100% on training for many years. Why? because there was no technology in the early days. There was not much else to discuss.

The top training experts in the space were Steve Riddel, David Yoho and Judy McKee among a few others – please forgive our poor memories if we left you out.

The industry used index cards to keep track of customers. There were a few mainframe users who were exceptions of course. In the mid-eighties onward, tech slowly became more important than training.

TMC also held the first conferences in the space named TBT which launched in 1986. These were mostly call center training and script-writing oriented as well. They transformed into tech events because that’s where the innovation was.

Call center training can be quite boring as it doesn’t evolve.

Thankfully the people at VoiceOps who we surmise weren’t alive in the eighties have merged the best of training, tech and AI into a package which boosts productivity and sales. it fits perfectly in our definition of Future of Work.

The startup uses an AI-powered system to transcribe and analyze the sales calls and evaluates how often salespeople adhere to the guidelines.

After the analysis, VoiceOps shares these insights with its clients. This helps the company quickly understand and address gaps in their reps’ sales behaviors.

Effective scripts can have dramatic effects on sales and using AI to ensure sales and service teams are following it, means less human supervision is needed and the potential to increase selling and cross-selling grows dramatically.

They just raised $9 million in a Series A financing round led by Bain Capital Ventures. Congratulations to them. Exciting times ahead!

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