Google Instant Comes to Mobile

What is better than Google on your Android device or iPhone? Well of course Google instant on your portable gadget of course. You see when driving your car, the only thing better than searching and driving is searching and driving and seeing the whole screen refresh. Well of course I am kidding as you should never search and drive. 😉

Check out the demo of Google Instant Mobile below

So if you have an Android 2.2 (Froyo) device or an iPhone or iPod with iOS 4 the AJAX and HTML5 support will let you take advantage of this cool new feature. Oh and you want a fast connection such as 3G or WiFi. You have to turn the function on to make it all work so try it and hopefully you’ll enjoy it.

Here is more from Google

Update: It seems that a mobile screen is too tiny to really take advantage of this feature – after all – on an iPhone there is only room for one search result to appear when the virtual keyboard is displayed.

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