Asterisk Has Huge Presence at ITEXPO East 2010

A major area of communications growth is taking place in the open-source market and a tough economy only throws more fuel on an already raging open-source communications fire.

Asterisk is the major player in the space and the company behind Asterisk – Digium will be at ITEXPO with a collocated Digium Asterisk World January 20-22nd, 2010.

In order to help you plan for the event I wanted to share some important details. Hope to see you at the show.

Participating companies:

Digium Freeside Internet Services
TransNexus Redfone Communications
ListYourNumber Aksys Networks Inc
Xorcom Asteria
Coredial Infradapt
VoicePulse OrecX
Braxtel AG Projects
Konftel Polycom
Synway Odin TeleSystems
Presence Technology Aheeva

Presentation theatre participants include:

  • Altitude Software
  • Infradapt
  • AG Projects
  • OrecX
  • Braxtel
  • Xorcom
  • Coredial
  • Aksys Networks Inc
  • Redfone Communications
  • Presence Technology
  • Polycom
  • Digium
  • Synway
  • Dialogic

Speakers include:

888VoipStore Aastra USA AG Projects
Digium EUS Networks IBM
Infradapt OrecX Polycom
Skype SmarTech Corporation The Eastern Management Group

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