Linux In The Dashboard?

Would you want an open source OS in your car… Controlling everything from the motor to the brakes to the internet access? Frankly, over the years, TMC has grown with not only Microsoft computers but we relied on Unix since about 1982. Today we have a mix of Microsoft and Linux boxes powering TMCnet and and TMC in general.

I think a Linux-based approach to automotive computing makes sense since it will drive costs down. As this engadget article discusses of course, it would be nice to have virtualization employed to assure your browser crash does not interfere with your braking.

Then again, Linux does a pretty good job of keeping applications separate — without the need for virtualization.

Of course — when it comes to car safetey and protecting human lives, the safer the better.

I almost forgot the point of the story which is that Intel is supporting this initiative and while I think it is a great idea, I have gotten used to a GUI and hope to never have to use VI again… Especially not in my car.

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