Inseego: On the Leading Edge of 5G

We recently had an exclusive in-person interview with Dan Mondor, Chairman and CEO and Anette Gaven, Senior Director Marketing of Inseego to discuss the company’s place in the 5G market and how it differentiates itself.

Dan Mondor, Chairman and CEO Inseego

The company’s strong focus on 5G consists of an IoT division as well as corporate SaaS.

The company is based in San Diego, California and besides having great weather, their location allows a solid relationship with Qualcomm – this allows them to be on the leading edge of new tech and standards development.

Anette Gaven, Senior Director Marketing of Inseego

Their products are designed and developed in California and they have seen a nice boost in business as a result of global challenges Huawei has faced as of late.

The company has a 5G jetpack, home gateway and SD-WAN solution.

Dan believes carriers will all have mmWave and sub-5 GHz 5G in the future. The former will be good for stadiums while the latter is better for rural areas.

He says the 5G market will be 75% enterprise and 25% consumer.

In terms of market growth – at the end of 2018 they had three carriers committed to 5G and now have 330.

In terms of speeds – they have seen 600 Mbps in Starbucks and 300-400Mbps in a car. Interestingly, in September we broke the news on a new USB800 4G modem from the company with speeds of up to 480 Mbps.

Getting back to 5G, he said higher-powered versions are coming, with better performance, penetrating walls and buildings.

He explained from 2G-5G we have seen 10-year intervals where the tech reaches its theoretical limit until the next standard is released. To us, this seems very similar to copper, fiber or any communications medium.

How a Faraday Cage works

We asked why carriers should consider Inseego and he gave us his reasons:

  1. The company – as mentioned above is U.S.-based as opposed to competitors who are mostly in Taiwan and China. The implication is trade tensions, as well as security issues, could ban tech from these Asian companies.
  2. Inseego controls the entire design of its products – such as the antennas. He alluded that the Faraday Cages they use to ensure superiority – explaining antenna design is crucial. “It’s a real geekfest,” he exclaimed.
  3. Three layers of encryption – he says their products have no backdoor – obviously trying to contrast the company to Asian companies who are alleged to have such ways to snoop on communications. “We supply to government agencies and have to have bulletproof security,” he exclaimed.
  4. They have a tight relationship with Qualcomm that allows them to get out of the gate sooner than competitors.

He concluded by saying, “If you fall behind in technology, you never catch up.”

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