Gold Systems Webinar

According to the Gold Systems Webinar I am on now, AAA on Minnesota has increased customer satisfaction using speech technology from Gold Systems. They have reduced agent turnover as a result of using speech and the agents are now not as threatened as they once were. The agents are happy that the mundane calls are being handled by automation. Agents get to deal with calls that have to do with personal service. One point that Jim Blenis of AAA mentioned is that local dialects such as the “You Betchas,” have to be taken into account before implementation.

Blenis was followed up by Terry Gold of Gold Systems who mentioned that AAA did everything right. Gold said he wish he could change how people get out of a speech call if needed. We know how to do this with touch tone today. People get angry when you force them to stay in the system. AAA has made the app so nice that people want to stay in the system.

Gold also made a point of saying you should make sure the persona of your automated system should be the kind of person customers would expect to be working in your company. He also made a point of saying don’t bounce your customers around. Gold made sure to stress that if customers do have a problem with automation, please make sure they get to a live agent and don’t insult them if they can’t deal with technology.

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