Speech Technologies

What are the hottest areas of growth for speech technologies? If the registration database for Speech-World is any indication, the retail and financial markets as well as tier one service providers seem to be the place where speech will make its biggest impact going forward. The volume of calls being received by the companies on our registration list must be immense. I am looking forward to the show in Dallas, TX next week. Speech is definitely one of those technologies that will come of age quickly — sort of like VoIP.

The difference is that when companies start adopting speech in large numbers, others will be aware of it. For example American Airlines can be considered an early adopter of this technology and anyone who flies American has likely dealt with their automated system.

Speech technologies save money and make our lives easier. A wave of new speech enabled consumer electronics products are being released at the moment and early adopter call centers are saving a good amount of money — ahead of their competitors. If you have a call center with more than 5 agents taking inbound calls, speech can save you money. Don’t believe me? Ok come to the show — for free and check it out yourself.

We have already significantly exceeded the room block so I suggest you call quickly and reserve a room quickly in case the hotel sells out.

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