Broadvox Shows Big Ambitions With New Hire

Broadvox just announced that Bruce Chatterley the former MegaPath President and Speakeasy CEO will become the President and CEO of the company. Chatterley has distinguished himself by growing Speakeasy and eventually selling it to Best Buy in 2007 and more recently integrating MegaPath, Covad and Speakeasy.

Broadvox is an innovative company – they were early in the sip trunking space and made a name for themselves quickly. They haven’t been afraid to acquire to grow and this move is designed to take the company to the next level. It is worth noting that Andre Temnorod will continue in his role as Chairman of the Board allowing him to focus on the network, technology and new services while Chatterley will focus more on the business side.

To learn more I conducted the following email interview with Bruce which should give some solid insight on where Broadvox is headed:

Congratulations on the new position – What attracted you to Broadvox? Solid company and products for growth.  Over $100 million in revenue, with strong financial metrics. Very good technology platforms.  Strong, diverse and national customer base.  Broad range of businesses from wholesale to SMBs to enterprise customers.

How will you change the company? We are working on the answer to that question now.  However, I think a winning formula will be strong and leading product innovation, a customer-centric culture that creates raving fans, a strong and committed leadership team, and constantly evolving core competencies in sales, channels, and marketing.

Where do you expect it to be in five years? The company will be known as a critical partner to helping VoIP Carriers/Application Service Providers and business customers succeed.   We will be fast growing, lead the industry in innovating new technologies, and have a stronger and even more diverse customer base.

Do you intend to continue acquiring? Our priority is quality organic growth.  Once we have our growth formula up and performing, we will opportunistically look to acquisitions to augment and enhance that growth engine.

Do you have ambitions to grow the company internationally? Right now there is a lot of market share to be gained domestically.  While we do have some international opportunities in our wholesale VOIP Carrier and Application Service Provider segment along with a few international law firms, we’ll probably stay focused on the US for the foreseeable future.

Will current customers see a change as a result of your addition?  I hope our current customers see an acceleration of positive incremental change.  Continual positive change will take the form of new solutions to help them succeed, progressively higher performance bars for customer service, and better access to our solutions through an expanded set of channels, both direct and partners.

How will Broadvox continue to differentiate itself in the competitive telecom field?  We’ll differentiate by our product innovation, our nimbleness, our ability to serve customers better than our competitors, and our expanded channel capacity.  We’ll also differentiate by being an extremely financially sound partner that will be here over the long haul.

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