Bullseye Telecom Expands Channel Offerings


As telecom consolidation continues, a wave of mid-sized carriers are expanding their channel programs to take advantage of the opportunity to benefit from changes to these programs at the “big carriers.”

One such company is BullsEye Telecom. Their  Channel Partner Programs offer three new opportunities for potential partners:

  • Referral Partner: best suited for IT consultants and those who are connected with organizations that may benefit from BullsEye’s full line of services.
  • MSP Program: ideal for Managed Service Providers, VARs and system integrators; provides an opportunity to grow a stable and predictable revenue stream by referring BullsEye’s portfolio of services to their clients.
  • Agent Channel: for technology solution providers with sub-agents or seasoned sales representatives with a track record of selling technology solutions throughout the U.S.

All of the Channel Partner Programs feature these and other benefits:

  • Priority BullsEye support
  • High commissions through BullsEye’s industry-leading compensation plan, offering upfront, residual and combo options
  • The ability to grow business services offerings – including VoIP, SD-WAN, Broadband and POTS – from a single provider
  • Dedicated, hands-on sales and marketing support to help drive business

Mark Sondergaard.jpg

In an exclusive in-person interview with Mark Sondergaard, national director of partner sales, BullsEye Telecom said, “With our robust offerings, industry-leading benefits and proven success system, we are laser-focused on helping our partners grow their businesses faster and more strategically than ever before.”

Mark explained they are adding pre-sales engineers, and have added 4-5 channel managers as well. He said they excel in providing multilocation service including POTs aggregation, broadband aggregation, various VoIP flavors and of course SD-WAN.

He told me, they are one of the few companies which can bring on a one-thousand location restaurant and first take control of the transferred numbers via a POTs to POTs transfer. They then upgrade the lines to VoIP. He explained that OTT players cannot do this. The reason it is important to do so is, the end customer becomes more resilient to “mistakes” made by the losing carrier.

Another interesting point Mark made during our talk was that thanks to compliance and cybersecurity in general, companies taking credit card numbers via the phone are asking for SD-WAN to ensure the line is as secure as possible.

BullsEye is yet another mid-market carrier excited by the consolidation taking place at the top of the market. As we write this, T-Mobile and Sprint have worked out the details of their merger as well. More consolidation seems to breed even more opportunity so we can likely expect to hear more good things from BullsEye going forward.

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