New VTech Devices Bring SIP and Key System Functionality to Business

Sometimes you need to go backward to go forward is what we thought when we met for an exclusive interview with VTech execs to discuss a new line of products bringing together the best of Vtech with its recent acquisition, SNOM. The ET600  has the software stability and SNOM legacy with VTech desktop technology according to the company.

The new ErisTerminal VDP650 series cordless 4-line SIP phones are perfect for the small business market. By allowing cordless capability, extended range and SIP connectivity, these solutions give cost-saving benefits every business needs.

The VDP651 paired with a VDP650 base station is loaded with features such as DECT 6.0, seven days standby, four programmable LED backlit line keys, HD voice for the receiver and speakerphone.

Most importantly, they borrow from the past – and add key system functionality to the phone so every handset can display four virtual lines. This is important because it is very difficult to manage multiple callers with traditional cordless office phones.

The company explained this is a perfect solution for UPS Stores and other retail offices. “They can just plug in their wireless office in a box and go.” The phones have solid audio quality and can be provisioned remotely.

Up to ten cordless VDP658 desksets can be deployed per location and each has a battery backup allowing up to seven hours of talk time in a remote location without wires. Each also has 32 speed-dial keys, 17 feature keys and a local phonebook supporting 1,000 entries.

The VCS752 EricStation SIP Conference Phone with Two wireless Mics also has a fixed Mic and uses DECT 6.0 while supporting 3 SIP lines. The wireless Mics last 12 hours on a charge.


The ET685 supports 12 SIP lines and works with open-source platforms with zero-touch provisioning. There is also support for PoE, TLS, dual Ethernet ports, one bluetooth headset connection and a USB port with up to three ET6 expansion modules.

As a major manufacturer, they really stand out in the support arena. All desktop devices have a three-year warranty and a replacement is sent overnight if there is a problem with the phone. conference phones have a two-year warranty.

The bottom line is the company has brought together the best of VoIP, via SNOM, consumer electronics – where VTech is very strong and functionality with their key-system, office-in-a-box offering which allows companies to have a low-cost and fully functional, quality wireless solution.

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