VisibilityOne Launches Crucial Videoconferencing Monitoring Solution

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Industry Veteran Von Bedekian (above) has launched an exciting new company along with his past coworker Jose De La Paz (below). Von is one of the most experienced telecom players there is having run GBH Distributing for decades. His expertise crosses telecom, video IT and the channel among many others.

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Their VisibilityOne has just announced the public beta launch of its patented video conferencing monitoring solution.

It’s touted as cost-effective, doesn’t require existing video infrastructure; setup is simple and does not require advanced training or robust IT support. In fact, minimal UC&C knowledge is needed to integrate existing conferencing solutions, monitoring platforms, and notification services. In minutes, an IT team can gain access to an end-to-end solution for real-time problem solving, thus allowing for a predictable conferencing experience.


“Our solution prevents unnecessary downtime in video collaboration environments and reduces the engineering costs of supporting the environment,” said Jose De La Paz, Co-founder & CEO at VisibilityOne. “With VisibilityOne’s cloud-based UI and proactive monitoring platform, IT can take control and proactively support their user base.”

Standout features include:

  • Call disconnect reason
  • Site to site Quality of Service (QoS)
  • 24 hour meeting schedule viewer
  • Live performance statistics (network throughput, jitter, packet loss and latency)
  • Video Conference device health stats.
  • Remote reboot
  • Mic and Camera disconnect alerts
  • Video Conference device temperature alerts
  • Video device and cloud Utilization details
  • VIP user priority monitoring on cloud services
  • Device uptime
  • Management reports supporting ROI
  • Incident detail reporting

“With VisibilityOne, your company and clients won’t have to worry about video conference calls going south, your IT team will feel empowered, and you will have more time for communication and collaboration that drives your business forward,” said Von Bedikian, Co-founder & CRO at VisibilityOne.

Using their intimate knowledge of the problems plaguing the video conferencing industry, Von and Jose have come up with a solution which any company relying on collaboration needs.

If you want to give it a try, download and install the VisibilityOne app, which is currently supported on Microsoft Windows workstation and server operating systems. Clients only need one download per building/location. The app securely communicates with existing video conferencing equipment to gather and consolidate data. The data is then securely delivered to VisibilityOne’s cloud service and displayed via VisibilityOne’s cloud user dashboard for immediate access.

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