Will Google Start a China Boycott?

I came across an article on the hazardous materials being used in Chinese jewelry and sold to American children and I immediately forwarded it to some friends and relatives who have children and/or are uncles or aunts.

These are two of the responses I immediately received:

F&*$@ing country, seriously they suck. We as a nation should just do what Google did.

Why don’t the idiots stop trading with China overall. First the toothpaste, then toys with magnets, then the milk!!, now this. Are we going to ban product by product?? Wal-Mart is the worst. In their thirst for money, most of their products are from China.

Interesting reference to Google – and it got me thinking – will their move be the start of worldwide backlash against China to raise their export quality standards and relax their chokehold over the information the country’s citizens can access?

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