Gryphon Tackles Do-Not-Call

Gryphon Networks, announced today its integrated management platform called the Integrated Compliance and Contact Management Platform (ICCMP). The platform is designed to help customers achieve regulatory compliance, increase sales productivity, improve marketing effectiveness and tap into new markets, thereby creating a competitive advantage. In this case the regulatory compliance has to do with the do-not-call list.

"The ability to maintain compliance and at the same time fully leverage marketing and sales investments to most productively implement direct sales campaigns has proven to be an enormous challenge for most companies in an increasingly restrictive and complex regulatory environment," said Keith Fotta, CEO and president of Gryphon Networks. "What we offer is a unique value proposition encompassing a fully integrated modular and network-delivered platform solution suite that achieves both objectives, while enabling companies to fully saturate existing markets and tap into new markets, thereby creating a distinct competitive advantage."

Gryphon Networks’ platform solution eliminates compliance risk and enables companies to replenish lost qualified prospects with patented, automatic preference management technology. This technology is wrapped into Gryphon Networks’ Integrated Compliance and Contact Management Platform, integrating all customer contact methods (i.e. direct mail, inbound call center, outbound call center, fax, telephone, e-mail and the web) into a modular, centrally managed, and easy-to-use platform.

Why is this important? The do no call list has made it difficult for many companies to use the phone in marketing. The more technology that can be thrown at this problem the better. Companies need to be able to use the phone to market without the potential threat of fines.

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