Highfive Video Collaboration Platform Connects Across Any SIP-Enabled Meeting Platform

Dealing with numerous collaboration and conferencing platforms can be a productivity drain as well as a security risk. Often companies do not allow downloads, making it a challenge for communications between companies which use different platforms.

WebRTC has made this less problematic but has not eliminated the issue.

To solve this problem, the Highfive Meeting Connector overcomes vendor-to-vendor incompatibility, allowing users to easily meet and collaborate.

This new tool allows any Highfive user to connect directly with third-party video conferencing platforms, including BlueJeans, Webex, Zoom and other SIP-enabled platforms. Meeting Connector removes barriers to connectivity such as toggling between meeting platforms or connecting with outside organizations that use other meeting platforms, which can burden workers and inhibits collaboration.

Meeting Connector was built using proprietary technology from Highfive and functions that leveraged vendor APIs, WebRTC and SIP interoperability. It is designed to enable teams to use hardware and software they’ve already deployed and then connect with parties using other meeting services. Unlike today’s existing integrations, such as purpose-built applications that connect two technologies like a Poly system or Zoom, Highfive Meeting Connector requires no special configuration and serves as a bridge between SIP-enabled meeting systems.

“While the video collaboration industry has come a long way in the last decade, we still tend to cling to legacy technologies and proprietary services. But is this what’s best for better collaboration to get work done?” commented Joe Manuele, CEO at Highfive. “iPhone users can easily text with Android users, so why shouldn’t Highfive connect with another meeting vendor? Our ability to connect transcends the time, energy and frustration drain workers experience when there are barriers to connecting and collaborating with others.”

In our ongoing mission to make video conferencing ubiquitous, Highfive continues to make timely investments in smart, easy-to-use technology, giving end users a seamless experience from the desktop to their Highfive meeting room.

Concluded Manuele.

We are pretty excited about this new solution which allows various video collaboration systems to interoperate. It is similar to what Mio has done with messaging.

This is great news for the Future of Work – which encompasses advanced collaboration tools and enhanced productivity.

Where do organizations go to learn more? The world’s only Future of Work Expo (collocated with the ITEXPO #TechSuperShow) of course. Feb 12-14, 2020 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


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