Google to Allow Multiple Account Sign-ins

Here is the situation – you have multiple accounts you need to check on Google and this means you need to login and logout throughout the day. And if you are like me you constantly wonder how we were able to land a man on the moon decades ago yet we still haven’t figured out a way to manage multiple user names and passwords in an elegant fashion.

Thankfully this pesky problem is going away or it will soon anyway. You see Google has a new option called Multiple Sign-in and it should solve the above problem handily. The feature is being rolled out but not to everyone at once so just be patient if Multiple Sign-in doesn’t show on this page.

More from Google Operating System blog and Garett Rogers.

  • looks good
    August 4, 2010 at 10:05 am

    wonder if this is a ploy by google to catch multiple account users and ban them.

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