• Jonathan Boyle
    February 19, 2007 at 6:51 pm

    The best way to increase call center profits is to move your operation to Mexico. Are you reaping the benefits of operating in a low cost country?
    Vangtel makes it easy for customer contact centers to establish operations in Mexico. Executing business processes and establishing customer care centers in a low-cost country is potentially risky and complex. Our international professionals are responsible for the tasks that are non-core, but critical, for the success of any call center operation in Mexico.
    Vangtel clients control 100% of the functions that make them profits:
    We do the rest:
    Human Resources Management & Administration
    Payroll Management
    Accounting Services
    Facilities Management
    Logistics and Customs issues
    Procurement Services
    Environmental Regulations
    Government & Community Affairs
    Information Services
    Client Courtesy Services
    Consulting Services
    Reduce Tax Liability
    Companies working in Mexico under The Offshore Group do not incorporate or hire employees directly, buy land, process property, corporate, asset, or payroll taxes—or need to have expansive knowledge of the Mexican government or legal system.
    The Offshore Group’s clients operate under Vangtel’s business license, and, therefore do not have a legal presence in Mexico.
    Call us for a short presentation on how we can add value and profit to your call center operation.
    Thank You
    Jonathan Boyle

  • Jonathan Boyle
    March 28, 2007 at 5:25 pm

    Call Center Start-up in Mexico
    To establish a new business venture in Mexico requires the completion of eight to ten application procedures at the state and municipal level.
    To hire an attorney in Mexico to oversee the acquisition of all permits, licenses, and registrations is costly.
    Navigating through Mexican labor, tax and real estate laws, and bureaucratic entities at all levels of government, prior to start up, is expensive and time consuming.
    Companies operate in Mexico under Vangtel’s business license and permits, and have:
    No legal presence in Mexico.
    No need for incorporation or registration in Mexico.
    No Mexican government-related paperwork
    Additional benefits include:
    Reduced tax and labor liability in Mexico.
    Quick start-up in six weeks or less
    Full administrative support for setup, recruitment, workstation construction, and purchasing in Mexico.
    Human Resources for Call Centers in Mexico
    Companies must build their business while learning new labor rules which differ significantly from U.S. labor law.
    Hiring and administering benefits for employees in Mexico requires compliance with laws on the state and national level.
    Recruiting top talent requires knowledge of the local labor market.
    Screening and testing potential employees to build a solid team takes time, money and expertise.
    Processing payroll and administering benefits requires familiarity with local laws
    Managing HR functions can divert focus away from profit making activities.
    Maximize your company’s profits by outsourcing all HR functions to Vangtel’s professionals, who:
    Recruit skilled and qualified employees.
    Provide management of all HR related functions, including recruiting, screening, hiring, firing, benefits, payroll, accounting, etc.
    Maintain relationships with local labor representatives, universities, and technical schools.
    Offer electronic time attendance.
    Track absenteeism/tardiness in a computer system that provides detailed reports.
    Test and screens potential employees according to the client’s specifications.
    Supports employees with nurses and employment counselors.
    Design and manage employee retention programs.
    Provide a conveniently located office with ample parking (near Wal-Mart, McDonalds, and Office Depot).
    Vangtel’s electronic payroll system was developed by The Offshore Group. Customized for speed and accuracy, the program calculates benefits and salary payments in accordance with Mexico’s labor laws. It manages Mexico’s six-day, 48-hour work week and the preferred 9.5 hour work day. The system serves more than 15,000 employees and 53 companies. As the largest employer in the state of Sonora, Mexico, The Offshore Group and Vangtel understand the labor needs of companies large and small.
    Vangtel employees value hard work.
    Expatriate managers leading teams in Mexico within The Offshore Group’s shelter program are impressed with the work ethic and “willingness to learn” of the people of Sonora. Doug Kirker with G.S. Precision, Inc., related, “The turnover is very low. I greet each employee every morning with a handshake at the door; I know them and their families personally—and they know mine.”
    Registering Property for Call Centers in Mexico
    Registering property requires the initiation of five to ten procedures which include the acquisition of certificates at the state, municipal, and public levels.
    Processing takes approximately six months to complete, depending on your location in Mexico.
    Registration fees are generally six percent of the property value—along with the acquisition tax and notary fees.
    Clients do not register or own property in Mexico; they become a department within Vangtel’s facilities. All property concerns are handled by on-site professionals who:
    Provide state-of-the-art client areas with secure access.
    Design and construct customized client areas quickly and efficiently.
    Guide clients in complying with Mexican safety requirements.
    Maintain an emergency back-up power generator (500KW).
    Pay property insurance and taxes.
    Offer 24-hour on-site security.
    Maintain and repairs facilities.
    Provide sanitary supplies, janitorial services, and pest control.
    Pay utilities.
    For more information about moving your call center to Mexico, visit: http://www.vangtel.com

  • Jonathan Boyle
    June 28, 2007 at 4:48 pm

    Watch the latest Call Center Mexico Video on YouTube about Vangtel and its premier outsourcing solution in Mexico.
    Click Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqiF-yJbWGI
    Or see the video on our new website at http://www.vangtel.com/Video.html

  • M Mocilac
    September 6, 2008 at 1:46 pm

    Take a Virtual Tour of a a Call Center in Mexico. Video is also on You Tube on Vangtel and its premier outsourcing solution in Mexico.
    Click Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmqOpsU6ggA
    Or see the video on our new website at http://www.vangtel.com/Vtour.html

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