Nureva Collaboration Solutions Empower Teams

Nureva Inc. is a Canadian company helping people connect and work more effectively together with Advanced audio conferencing systems and real-time visual collaboration tools.

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“People coming together to work can do great things,” said Adrian Doughty, Director North American Sales. We have married the virtual and audio conferencing aspects to not have a point product – but rather an experience.”

Customers typically want to work differently – it’s about forward-looking end-users looking for change. How they can work together to drive their companies forward, he explained.

He said, “The ROI for our audio product is easy – we give customers the ability to have a comparable video conferencing experience at a competitive price.” He continued, “The audio always has to work. The ROI for collaboration product is measured via productivity gains in bringing new products to market.”

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Nureva HDL300 audio conferencing system contains Microphone MIST technology – the company’s big differentiator with 8,192 (a factor of 12) virtual microphones that give complete audio pickup anywhere in a 30×30 room. The system self-calibrates, even in a glass room. It also has a simple 3 wire install.

Microphone Mist uses learning algorithms to identify and ignore persistent, undesired sound sources (HVAC and display fans) in real-time. Undesired sounds are preemptively ignored instead of being captured and removed through complex post-processing.

Adrian said, “It plays nicely with Zoom, Microsoft, Cisco as well as others.”

The HDL300 Ecosystem

The HDL300 Ecosystem.PNG

It’s a 60-inch wide device with a single PoE powered box via a Connect Module which contains their DSP which listens to all microphones at once, deciding which needs to be active and which should be suppressed.

Nureva Room Manager performs automatic updates to the HDL300 system’s firmware and allows more granular sound-quality control.

Nureva Room Manager.PNG

Later this year, in Q2, customers will be able to define a focus area in a room via active zone control, he explained. This will be ideal for lecture capture and other presentation-based scenarios.

The microphone comes in black and white and the MSP is $2,999 and Nureva sells via the channel.

“No one captures audio the way we do,” Adrian exclaimed.

Nureva Wall WM408i is a digital working wall for collaboration which grows from 7’6” to 60’ wide. “Coupled with Nureva Span Workspace, they allow teams to bring sticky notes, white boards and screen sharing all together in one digital canvass – all in real time,” Adrian explained.”

Nureva Wall tech specs.PNG

In conclusion, he said, “The collaboration and audio tie together – people use these tools to create a specific experience. We don’t want to retrain a user, we want them to be productive with what we give them, right away”

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