Call Center 2.0 Applications

You have heard me talk about Call Center 2.0 and how it will embody AJAX and other Web 2.0 functions. Today, Jacada announced that Jacada WorkSpace 3.0, which became popular under it former brand, Jacada Fusion Agent Portal will take advantage of leading edge Web 2.0 tools such as AJAX. A note of disclosure – AJAX is not really new but it has been given new life in the last year or so. Applications like Microsoft Outlook Web Access and Google Maps use AJAX to allow a web-based application to seem like software running on a local PC.

Jacada’s products allow call center managers to unify applications in a single GUI allowing for less training and a more simplified front-end for agents.

The product excels in the teleservices agency/BPO space where the BPO agent can use a single interface regardless of the customer they are serving. In other words an agent can switch from a campaign taking calls for GE dishwasher repair to another for Red Cross donations. All the while the agent uses a similar if not the same looking screen to input data.

The amount of UI training can be reduced drastically with Jacada products and subsequently productivity increases while errors decrees.

To properly show the world what the future of contact centers will be don’t forget to mark your calendar for the world’s first Call Center 2.0 Conference Oct 10-13 in San Diego, CA!

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