Companies are Evolving so SD-WAN and CloudGenix are as Well

We often describe SD-WAN as the ideal network fabric enabling digital transformation (DX) but DX is not a destination – it is a continuous journey of technological improvement. It improves today’s business as well as enabling new business models.

While many vendors in the industry understand this idea and have embraced DX and are aligning their SD-WAN sales strategy with this in mind… SD-WAN Expo Exhibitor CloudGenix has taken this a step further.

The company just unveiled its second-generation (Gen2) partner program designed for partner organizations who are more than “box pushers” and are instead well-positioned to serve the needs of the cloud generation of enterprises moving from traditional networking to modern approaches. Partners in the program offer enterprise customers Gen2 SD-WAN products that are multi-cloud ready, integrated with security, and are powered by data and AI for the branch. CloudGenix and its partners have completed the largest take-outs of first-generation (Gen1) SD-WAN from incumbent vendors, including a 2,000 site US-based retailer, in addition to large greenfield opportunities.

The top three incremental Gen2 SD-WAN capabilities: are as follows

  1. Multi-cloud ready: CloudGenix and technology partners offer a multi-cloud solution to enable high-speed access to all Clouds and SaaS services.
  2. Best-of-breed security combined with best-of-breed SD-WAN: CloudGenix now offers native integration of cloud-security products such as Palo Alto Prisma, Zscaler, CheckPoint, NetSkope etc.
  3. AIOps for the branch: CloudGenix uses a centralized data-lake and data science to enable Autonomous SD-WAN functions. Just as AI enables self-driving cars, CloudGenix Autonomous SD-WAN eliminates manual interventions and increases business uptime.
Kumar Ramachandran, CEO and Founder, CloudGenix

“As exciting as the Gen1 market segment was, it was the smallest part of the SD-WAN market. The majority of enterprises are now looking at Gen2 SD-WAN, and this new market is going to see a new set of winners and losers. Gen2 SD-WAN is much more than just enabling broadband usage in the enterprise instead of MPLS or enabling UCaaS. The partners that avoid falling into the chasm will be the ones that adopt a Gen2 mentality,” said Kumar Ramachandran, CEO and Founder, CloudGenix.

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The CloudGenix G2 Partner Program is built on the following principles:

  • CloudGenix is 100% channel with zero conflicts with any direct team. CloudGenix sales and sales engineering resources only get paid when the channel gets paid. The pace of market adoption is too fast to deal with conflicts with vendors that run direct sales vs. channel sales.
  • CloudGenix provides world-class sales and engineering resources that can co-campaign with the channel. To bring innovation to the majority enterprise, the channel needs scale with vendor resources. It’s a two-way partnership when the channel engages with CloudGenix, not a one-way street where the channel “gives” the vendor.
  • CloudGenix proactively invests in MDF and lead generation. Not waiting for post-success but investing to succeed. Investing in a growth and majority market is very different from the early cautious approaches.
  • The early majority relies on reference selling a lot. These customers want to hear from others in their industry or vertical. CloudGenix has a structured program for leveraging references by geography, by vertical, by size, and by use case.

We think CloudGenix is ahead of the curve here. As multicloud becomes the norm and we seem to be faced with a pandemic every two years – potentially forcing millions of workers to work from home, we need to ensure SD-WAN solutions are sold with these needs in mind.

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